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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Okay, so a couple years ago I was gonna be cliche and blog on about my life as a Toronto snob here in Vancouver, but then I kinda just uhhh gave up. Well for several reasons, the primary being that keeping up to date on things requires this thing called EFFORT! That and the fact West Coast has made me dumber, thus I can no longer do this thing called writing, much less communicate with anything smarter than a telephone post (note to everyone: many people in Van are in fact dumber than telephone posts)

So why do you ask (all 2 of you) have I resurrected this site, well duuuuuhhhhhhh to chronicle my Dynasty for NCAA Football 07 on Playstation 2 (please hold the applause). I've gone through a lot of changes over the last couple of years, but two things have remained constant: 1. my asshole friends and 2. my passion for NCAA Football. In fact many choices in my life have revolved around this game. Sad? Probably, but this game rawks! Despite the fact that its made by a really crappy corporation, but we'll get into that later.

This year I will role with The Crimson Tide of Alabama. I want to try a Dynasty in the SEC and I wanted to build up a traditional powerhouse (they start out 07 ranked #24) But there are other reasons as well, my hero Joe Namath played there, the cheerleaders are kind of cute, they have a cool mascot and there isn't a gayer place in America:

Anyways hopefully this blog won't be too boring. I'll also add him my thoughts on sports and day to day life, all of course in relation to my Bama Dynasty

Postings to look forward too

- Tony Muir: Jerk and Male Whore
- Ole Miss Mascot controversy
- Also my defense of "Sweet Home Alabama"


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