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Monday, July 31, 2006

Namath/Bama Era Part Deux

Okay last week I had friends from T.O. over, had a couple goodbye drinks with my "U of A" buddy Tony at a hostel bar (of course pretending to be backpackers) and loads of overtime at work. So of course this meant no time for NCAA. But karma came to sing its sweet song to me and provided me a paid day off to catch up on my responsibilities.

It was no suprise who I was going to pick as my coach (if I get fired I'll continue with Bama, I'll just create a new coach) and of course that would be the one and only Broadway Joe Namath. What's there not to love about this guy! He was a cocky kid from a Hungarian family in PA, who brought his flair to the then segregated SEC. For more info check out this great biography on Broadway Joe by Mark Kriegel. Geez I sounded like such a marketing douche there, but whatever its a sweet read.

Here are the basic settings I'm using:

platform: PS2
quarters: 6 minutes
sliders: still tweaking
level: All American

As for my youtube picks of the day, here's Joe in an old school commercial and of course a classic of Joe, at his finest.

Love ya Joe and Roll Tide.


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