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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bama Struggles at 2-2, Up Next: #1 Florida

Oh Geeez. Looks like its going to take me awhile to adjust to this game. Played through 1/3 of the season and the Namath led Alabama squad is 2-2 with the #1 ranked Florida Gators up next. Here's some brief recaps

Hawaii 23, (#24) Bama 17 - Tuscaloosa
Maybe I took it easy on them because their my people (pacific islanders) or maybe because I spent all of NCAA 06 using a dominant USC team, but the Tide got worked by this team from the WAC. Simply put: Bama's secondary could not handle Hawaii passing. The Tide will have to recruit heavy at all DB positions. Baseball star John Parker Wilson (who is in a tough position to try and replace Brodie Croyle) was 17-23 with 203 Yards, however he had no TDs and threw for three INTs Also Namath did not utilize his best player, RB Kenneth Darby who ran for 108 and 1 td.

Bama 44, Vandy 14 - Tuscaloosa
Thank God Jay Cutler is on the Broncos, because frankly he would have worked my DBs. But this time Namath focused in on the running game as Darby ran for 170 Yards and 3TDs, while his version of Lendale White, Tim Castille added in 2 TDs for 66 Yards. Wilson and ex-Miami Hurricane Marc Guillon split Qb durties. No one impressed.

Bama 41, UL Monroe 21 - Tuscaloosa
The Tide were asleep for the first half as UL Monroe led 21-7, thankfully the Tide, actually more like Darby, took charge. Darby finished with 268 YRDs and 3 TDs, inculding a 95 yard TD run from the end zone. Sophmore John Parker Wilson looked a bit better at QB going 11-18, 108 YRDs 3 TDs, no INTs

(#21) Arkansas 35, Bama 22 - Fayetteville
Game was actually closer than it appears. Bama was taking on an undefeated Arkansas team who had earlier upset USC. The Tide had a chance to win with 5 minutes left however Arkansas returned an INT for a TD. QB situation still not addressed. Guillon and Wilson were both mediocre. The Hogs D held

So the brass in Tuscaloosa is none too happy and things don't get easier with a trip to The Swamp to take on #1 UF. But Namath is going stick with the senior Guillon for the start. Oh well if things get bad, Joe can stare into the crowd for some relief or go to The Bank. Errr maybe not



  • Good job losing to Hawaiians...they are almost Samoans - what's the deal?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/8/06 7:36 AM  

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