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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Duke and Ole Miss: Black Strippers & Black Jews

Meh, work sucks, kay there's my rant, no effort to go on further. Finally got around to playing two easy games against two of America's finest institutions: Duke and Ole Miss. Duke of course not really know for football (they're a lacrosse school) was no match for Namath's Tide as Darby ran for 180 YRDs and 2 TDs in a 41-10 victory. But all is not gloomy in Chapel Hill, here' s some random girls wishing Reade Seligman, (everyone's favorite Duke lacrosse player) good luck. Read the message boards too, man youtube message boards can be really harsh. Oh and looks like in real life, Duke football is keeping up with the school's high academic standards .

Next game Ole Miss

width="100Am I the only one that finds it amusing that their projected starting quarterback for the upcoming season is Brent Schaeffer, a black jew? Anyways Ole Miss proved no match as Bama came out with a 44-14 victory with Darby running for 4 TDs on 160 YRDs. However despite this conference win, I was very sad as I noticed during gameplay that Colonel Reb, the Ole Miss mascot was missing from the sidelines. I love masocts, the reason why I won't use Oregon (even though I like the actual team) is because the game doesn't have the Donald Duck mascot we all know and love. I won't go into details (just look at the cute picture of him lynching the LSU Tiger), but you can read a brief history of Colonel Reb and also a good ESPN article on him. But we all know that Colonel Reb was actually based on a black man, Blind Jim Ivy. Ole Miss has a rep for being Racist, but come one Deuce and Jame Meredith all had desires to go to Ole Miss. I mean a mascot should represent what the school is about and if Ole Miss is about Old Men with funny beards, that so be it. Bring back Colonel Reb!!


  • Love the post - although I would like more game details and less Myles's thoughts on life...although perhaps it will inspire my blog to find similar patterns...

    By Blogger Christian, at 5/8/06 10:28 PM  

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