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Thursday, December 14, 2006

gypsies and mormons

this will be my last post on blogger............

the new url is

just like pretty young blondes who convert disillusioned kids to the Church of Latter Day Saints, CL from Riverdale Palm Trees has converted me to wordpress. The new beta blogger layout (yuk!) combined with the cool google search stats feature (a person typed in "Dating White Girls" to get to Riverdale Palm Trees and we also found out how many of our friends google themselves) prompted the move

the online gypsy caravan has been in effect before, mostly from email urls. ahhh lets see my first email address was, then there was and the email that I used throughout highschool and college was, ha all i can say about the emails i printed up when crayola closed down this url is:


anyways i'm rushing to play my SEC Championship game against Florida, so here are highlights in point form of my 56-13 blowout against BYU:

p.s. I like mormons, they are my favorite strict religion and ya I like Steve Young and I used to have a semi crush on Julie Stoffer from Real World New Orleans (she had similar features of someone i knew)

- 3rd string Greg Montgomery QB played the first series of the game, he went 0-3, but got to play again in the 4th quater and finished with 116 yards and 1 TD
- Terrence Graves had 5 total TDs; 10-12 for 171 yards and 2 TDs, 39 yards rushing 3 TDs
- rushing against the 3-5-3 is tough
- top rusher was 4th string RB Carlos Roberts (FR from Orange County) he had one rush for a 52 yard TD
- Canadian WR Kenny Thornton had 5 catches for 128 yards and 2 TDs

Aaron Mikulec is in the running for best DEF player and best LB. Behind him are two LBs from Oklahoma. Both Bama and Oklahoma have conference championship games. So these awards will probably be determined by their performances at these games. USC finished undefeated and is probably hoping for a Bama or Oklahoma loss.

And to close out my career here on blogger, I must say that there are many things I hate about Vancouver but their are a couple I'm proud of: new life, i developed a better appreciation of all things toronto and my friends and fam, cheap sushi, main st., commercial drive, work basketball league, cooking with TS, the 84 Bus, half asian chicks who sleep with me, drink specials, 2003-2005 wednesday nights at the main legion, eastvan theatre, a day trip to seattle is better than a day trip to buffalo, and my bike that Joy gave me, but i have never been more proud of my adopted city than when I found out that gypsies have been robbing jewlery stores in the lower mainland. I'm sorry I'm tearing up...