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Sunday, December 03, 2006


okay we all know that "Kiss Me" by sixpence non the richer is my favorite song of all time, so here is that very song really fast:

also you know what else is fast.... The 2012 Crimson Tide Defence. I had to replace a lot of players from last year, but I am loving this squad because it features a bunch of 1st time starters who are 5th year SRs (DT Crewes, DT Christian, MLB Lee, CB Mills) giving them only one chance to shine. I also have a sweet secondary even though they don't get along off the field. Thrash talking CBs Eddie Mills and David McCullar are NY/NJ kids who love Jay Z, while Safeties Schilcher (who is white) and Alphonso Cole are southern country kids with heavy drawls who enjoy fishing. There is also my nutcase, alcoholic OLB Aaron Mikulec ,who is your stereotypical long haired white Linebacker. He is also my first player ever to be put on the Heisman list. And he's on Defense too!

So far I am 6-0 and holding onto my #2 ranking thanks to my D(individual game updates to come). OLB Darrell Johnson (who is on parole for a crowbar incident back in h.s. involving super FR Alex Branch) achieved the Defensive Hatrick (FF / INT/ SACK) last game against Ole Miss.


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