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Sunday, December 10, 2006

defensive disharmony

bama is 7-0, Spicer and Graves have no problem with the 2 QB system. Not since the Choctow indians provided $710 worth of relief to Ireland during the potato famine, has racial harmony been so high. Unfortunately the same harmony can not be said of the Alabama defense. The picture to the right taken at the Tennessee game says it all: CB David McCullar clearly has the INT, but LB Aaron Mikulec (who is in the heisman race) and FS Alphonso Cole, are trying to jack him of his glory.While the D is on the verge of becoming the greatest ever, the clashing of egos and personalities are becoming a problem in the locker room. The safties, Stephen Schilcher and Cole are straight country hicks who like fishing; they hate the NYC suburban / wannabe Queens attitude by CBs McCullar and Mills. Meanwhile LBs Mikulec and Gavin Lee are pure blue collar and they too hate M & Ms swagger and have even threatened them at various off campus parties. Of course all this info and more on each player's individual profiles on the wiki

Prior to matchup with Tennessee, thrash talking McCullar was charged with plagiarism. The University wanted him out for 2 games, but Namath only suspeneded him for the first half. "The Vols WRs are tough" was Coach Namath's response. The score was tied 14-14 at the end of the second quarter, but once McCullar stepped in, and Tennessee's passing game was shut down. McCullar played the game of his life and he reminded everyone about it, including his own teammates.

"You hicks ain't nothing without me"

"East coast, what!"

"The southern man, does need me around, anyhow"

"Jersey all up in this Jefferson Davis shit"

Aaron Mikulec (a proud southerner) almost lost it and called him a "carpetbagger", but Coach Namath took him to the side and forced him to listen to Joanna Newsom to calm down. "Bridges and Ballons" is a personal favorite of his. He loves harps. But still Bama won 28-14, OLB Darrell "crowbar" Johnson had 10 tackles and 2 sacks and was all over the field, he has stayed out of jail all year. However with LSU and Auburn coming up, Namath better purchase a couple more copies of "Ys" to calm everyone down.

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  • I heard Joanna Newsome is writing the 'Bama team song for this year. It's called "Go Tide, from my broken heart, make it whole with an SEC title."

    Man, I love that defense players are into glory jacks...

    By Blogger Christian, at 10/12/06 8:39 PM  

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