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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tide @ (7-3); Homecoming Weekend Nabs Recruits

First off I just want to say that Sony Europe sucks arse. And you know what, so do fireworks. What's the big deal and why are people flocking like zombies to watch them. Anyways back to my Bama Dynasty. There were a lot of ups and downs since my last report and here they are in point form since I forgot how to construct a proper paragraph

Ouch! Key loss to Volunteers

Looks like karma got to me with my praise of Ole Miss, as the good ole' #20 ranked Volunteers of Tennessee narrowly beat the Tide 24-21. This was Senior Prothro's best game, statistically he only had 6 RECs and 92 YRDs for one TD, however all of those receptions were key 3rd and 4th down catches. But in the end timing became key, and the Vols won with a last second field goal.

Homecoming Week Nabs Three 4 Star Recruits

The game against Florida International at the beginning of the season may have seemed insignificant however Bama's 48-7 victory and a weekend of homecoming festivities were enough to convince three key recruits to sign with the Tide. In state product Seth Bailey was the #1 ranked DE out of his JR year, had the Tide at the top of list and was an easy commit. Also with the Tide of the top of his list was MLB Eric Thompson of Dade City, Florida. Thankfully Thompson's visit to Tuscaloosa had nothing in common with a former Florida high school star linebacker's visit to Gainesville a couple years ago. However Thompson does have cornrows which scares some older fans who are still upset over SEC integration. The most suprising commit though was Sheffield Alabama's Chad Arnold. Arnold, the #1 rated QB in Alabama had Auburn and Florida State at the top of his list. So what changed the Tide of Arnold's decision? Well last year's homecoming queen was his personal tour guide for the weekend, wink wink. Also Arnold has dreadlocks, which upsets some older fans. Off the field the future looks bright but so did the scrub action on the field. True Freshman Mike McCoy made had first NCAA reception, which was a 30 YRD bomb from Sophmore John Parker Wilson. Too SWEET!

Mississippi State Blown Out

The Tide had an easy 55-3 victory over Miss St. in preparation for two key games against LSU in Baton Rogue and #1 ranked Auburn, who sits at 10-0. No key details, but here are two Bama related NCAA videos. The first is two kids getting hyped up before playing a UAB / Bama game. Gotta love the big fella's dance moves and the jug of OJ in his hands. And here is a sweet video from the 360 version of NCAA.


  • Those videos are awesome, the 360 version looks so sweet...sorry about the Tenn-LSU loses, you should check my blog, I had a heartbreak....heartbreaking loss at home...

    By Blogger Christian, at 6/8/06 9:51 AM  

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