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Thursday, September 28, 2006

i'm back & batman jumps from roof

Yes, yes, I know your lives have been somewhat empty the last couple of days, with no entries, sorry articles, from this blog. I’ve been away from my Bama dynasty (ya 14-0 last season, but no national title) for more than a week and Yes I am having withdrawal symptoms. However I did have a great time in Tucson and L.A. So much to tell: the candle light vigil held in protest for Tonypollloza 3, pac tilt withUSC at Arizona, more importantly U of A and USC freshman, The Griddle Café with hipster hotties who are struggling actresses, heckling Chris Pronger'sloyalty to his wife and chanting "Cloutier, Clooouuutier!" at the Staple Center and of course waiting for buses in L.A.. (builds character) Oh and I haven’t forgot the pop culture world, T.O., Screech, etc. But for now enjoy this video of Tucson’s version of Van Wilder impressing U of A (Zona, not Bama) cheerleaders by jumping from a roof into a pool in a batman outfit, as well as clips from his speech at Tonypollloza 3

oh a Lander's zona dynasty has moved here


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