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Monday, September 11, 2006

top searches of the day & bush vs. gore Dec 3rd

On this day of historical importance look what happens to be the #2 most searched item. Anyways I finally mustered enough courage to talk to that girl. Uhhh ya regular readers know who I'm talking about, click on the photo and try and figure out which comment is mine. Anyways I was legitmately away from a CPU yesterady, it was the first NFL Sunday of the season. I'm in several fantasy leagues so I had to venture to a bar with NFL Sunday Ticket. Only in my work pool do I seem to have a victory in week 1. Bush was sick, (Reggie that is), but I felt bad as he was going against my Cleveland Browns. I felt like Mrs. Manning. Gore played well too with two TDs. Hahaha on December 3rd Bush vs. Gore All I can say is thank you NFL for being wise in not scheduling this game for today.

So despite my Sunday NFL watching and beachcombing I managed to sneak in a game which was an 87-28 blowout of Army. I am going to sim my game against 1-7 Mississippi st. which will lead into an important matchup against LSU. I'll try and sneak in a game before bedtime.

In the mean time enjoy these

if you're confused with laguna beach season 3, watch this report, it only starts to get funny (in my opinion) in the middle, so you can skip to 2:50

if you don't know who high schoolers O.J. Mayo and Bill Walker are, watch this video of the future Trojan and Kansas State Wildcat. Sure to be lottery picks in 2008.

also for those of us who quit academia, view The Best Sentence of the Day for reason not to ever go back, see you go crazy!

oh gotta get off the CPU, Gov. Arnold in the Monday Night booth


  • you watched the most recent vid? What's up with the cotton ball/tape on her arm? I think someone asked her about it and she replied she "just needed to get a shot". Didn't make a big deal of it.

    By Anonymous jeff, at 12/9/06 8:04 AM  


    check out the video posted today. Tons of pics of the real Bree posted from her friend in NZ. They're all edited into a video.

    By Anonymous jeff, at 12/9/06 10:01 AM  

  • hey, should I pick up Brandon Jacobs in my fantasy football pool. I think that he'll get the ball in short yard situations but I'm still worried that all the TDs may go to Tiki Barber

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 12/9/06 10:25 AM  

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