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Sunday, September 10, 2006

a fine saturday night

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Here we go, I did it, I posted on a Saturday night (even though allows its users to change the date on a post) and I'm not ashamed of it. Being on the internet a lot I noticed that blogger and myspace users won't post on a Saturday or Friday night because doing so would be "social suicide" (yes that was stolen from Mean Girls). But whats not to love about staying in on this particular Saturday Night and in all honesty even if I had plans, I would have still stayed in. Why? Let's see there was Ohio St. / Texas (show me the money, how in the world were the Bucks underdogs, easiest bet of the year), Sharapova wins the US Open, lonelygirl15 reveals that she's sneaking out of the house to go to a party and I found someone streaming Season 3 of Laguna Beach, which for fear of MTV taking it down I won't link the user, just pm or myspace me if you want the link. (CL I love this season, I don't know why you don't like it) But last and most important is the fact that I got to play my game against rival Tennessee.

Bama came into the game ranked #6 at 7-0 while Tennessee was 6-1 and ranked #23. This matchup turned out to be the most exciting one I've had this year. The Vols had a RB from Mississippi named Jamal Bates whom I tried to recruit and he was outstanding, but FR New Hampshire native Steve Ferguson would have the game of a lifetime. Most of the game had Bama up by 3 points until Feguson broke free late in the 4th quarter with several third down conversions (in the air and on the ground) and finally a 21 yard TD for a 36-26 lead. However with only 30 seconds on the clock, Vols QB Crompton threw an 82 yard TD pass to Bates (who finished with 2 rusing TDs as well) to make the score 36-33. Luckily Bama recovered the onside kick attempt. Ferguson was the game MVP with 170 yards and 3 TDs,along with 41 rec yards. The Tide now sit at 8-0 and a #5 BCS ranking. There are two easy games against Army and Miss St. before a matcup with LSU who at 'press' , haha I mean post time, was undefeated in the SEC.

What a great night and I need it because tomorrow morning I'll watch my 3rd favorite college player of all time Reggie Bush, go up against my beloved Browns. Its like picking between LC or Kristen oh wait, that's so last year, I mean Tessa and Lexie, Drama Drama Drama.

p.s. INSIDE JOKE WARNING long distance quote of the night, our favorite PHD student with Harvard Parents (DM) said "I wish Colt McCoy didn't save that boy, only so that Brent Musberger wouldn't yap about it" ---> Musberger Drinking Game

p.p.s. there was one thing that upset me tonight and that was the fact that BC Liquor stores changed the style on their new bags. Booo the new bags suck, what the heck is up with the font and the black outline around it. (yes I did drink by myself tonight)


  • Great work...I can't post, since Blogger says my blog might be Spam, so I have to request a review, what kind of sh*t is that?

    The new bag sucks...

    Schiavone flys into LA on Thursday night...wonder what he will get up to...

    By Blogger Christian, at 10/9/06 7:36 PM  

  • hahaha you suck loser

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/9/06 10:36 PM  

  • A deprived and pathetic attempt to outwit the general public in a battle of wits. I pity you. Go ND!!!

    Send my regards to your mother,

    By Anonymous Chris, at 11/9/06 12:50 PM  

  • i swear CR, I have friends other than the bottle

    By Blogger broadway mylosh, at 11/9/06 4:09 PM  

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