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Sunday, September 17, 2006

weekend recap and bcs screw job

So much to talk about. I only had one day off this weekend, but I picked the right day. Seperation Saturday lived up to the hype. I'm sorry to all the NFL fans, but after Saturday's course of events anything else is a huge letdown. Michigan and Mario Manningham gave it to the most overrated team in the history of sports. Oregon /OU, FSU Clemson, UT / UF, Western Michigan (long time employer of my aunt and alma mater of my cousin) upsetting Virginia, all of these games were nuts. But perhaps the most insane thing that happened in college football over the weekend was Northern Colorado's 14-13 victory over Texas State. In a week which saw a Tonya Harding-esque course of events where the back up punter stabbed the starting punter, Northern Colorado would win their upcoming game with the help of a blocked punt. Irony 1, Punters 0,

Okay Dynasty news, I think the picture says it all. I should be ecstatic. After four years of hard work, top notch recruiting and an adjustment of sliders and strategies I finally go into the Bowl season with an undefeated record. But no, the computer polls decide that Texas A & M and Notre Dame are more deserving of the National Title game. I am fine with the A & M bid as they had 7 ranked teams in their schedule, whereas Bama only had 5, but Notre Dame only played one ranked team. Anyways here's a recap of the last two games I played

Iron Bowl @ Auburn
Alabama 27, Auburn 17
I am now 4-0 in the Iron Bowl. Despite Bama's domination in the series, all of the games are always tough, nothing could top last year's Iron Bowl victory. Hahaha! Yes I did tape the ending in HD quality.
With star RB Ben Tate injured, Auburn had to use true FR Thomas Carroll who had a great Iron Bowl debut with 156 yards and 1 TD. Bama's Freshman sensation, New Hampshire's Steve Ferguson matched that talley with 138 yards and 1 TD. However the MVP had to be FS Derek Green. The Junior (who was Namath's first recruit) had 10 tackles, several on third down attempts.

SEC Chamionship Atlanta
Alabama 54-17
Bama came into the SEC Chamionship against #16 Tennessee (10-2) with a #2 BCS ranking. This was a rematch of an epic battle that occured last saturday night (the night where i got hammered by myself, no I didn't call any exes, though it'd be funny if i did) which saw Bama win 36-33. This time I had an audience however the game would not live up to the hype. Ferguson ran for 175 yards and 2 TDs (can we say Reggie Bush dixie style) while WR Joel Thompson had 7 rec for 102 yards and 2 TDs in a 54-17 blowout.
Undefeated FSU loss the ACC title game to Virgina Tech so it looked like Bama would be headed to the National Title game vs. Notre Dame. However the BCS poll bumped Texas A & M from #4 to #2. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

very pissed, I will play Florida State in the Sugar Bowl, but something will be missing. Maybe a split national title will occur if A & M wins. 2009 Bama = 2004 Auburn and 2003 USC

Anyways for those who read this blog for lonelygirl15 updates, here read this grad school take and we'll discuss at lunch or at break


  • Grad School is f*cking ridiculous...ruining more minds than pinball...

    I hope you split a National Title...a Notre Dame screw job...ask Oregon State how Notre Dame overratedness plays out...those jerks...hahah, Michigan stuck it to those jerks.

    By Blogger Christian, at 18/9/06 8:47 AM  

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