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Monday, October 02, 2006

Add C.J. Spiller to the list

Last week, CL over at Riverdale Palm Trees posted an article about players he hated because of video games. Well I would like to add Clemson's C.J, Sipiller to the list. I'm in the year 2010 in my dynasty and it is the last year which will feature real life players (5th year SRs who are True FR in 2006). Coming off an undefeated season, I decided to play teams that featured real life players, so I scheduled Colorado St and Clemson. Colorado St featured real life Texas QB Jevan Snead, who transferred to CSU in my Dynasty. Bama travelled to Fort Collins, CO to face the 99 ovr rated QB and surprise, surprise, Snead was injured in the 1st quarter. Bama cruised to a 44-7 victory.

Next game was the home opener in Tuscaloosa against the Clemson Tigers. Bama came into the game cocky with a 15 game winning streak. However as the end results would prove, this meant nothing to Clemson SR RB C.J. Spiller(99 OVR). Though his final stats weren't overly impressive (91 yards 0 TDs) Clemson effectively controlled ball throughout the game and Spiller made several key 3rd down conversions. To make matters worse JR WR Joel Thompson dislocated his elbow in the 2nd quarter which will put him out for 4 weeks. Clemson would end Bama's 15 game winning streak with a 16-14 upset. Bama dropped from #3 to #15 in the polls. However Coach Namath and the boys refuse to let this ruin their season. Main goal for now SEC West Title.

In real life, Bama produced a valliant effort but lost to Florida. Those throwback Florida uniforms were pretty sweet. Also I've made the move from Eastvan to Kits and I'd like to apologize for missing the hockey pool draft, but hey I got Raycroft and Sundin, nice!

bite me C.J. Spiller


  • I think Floyd has what it takes to rock that big dog show ESPN gets huge rating for. He would win. Go Raptors. Go Leafs. Remember, you are a spy doing classified reconnaisance work in Kitsilano. This is a dangerous assignment. Do well Southeast Asian James Bond Meloshe DeGuzman. We will be counting on you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/10/06 1:35 AM  

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