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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Arizona St. Girls and STDs

Watch this video first and listen to the comments about ASU girls from the four blonde U of A girls.

Yes Arizona State and STDs. Stolenbike Total Domination! Thats what they were talking about, right?

Much to the chagrin of CL, TM, and a bunch of other stragglers, Arizona St is a powerhouse in my Dynasty. They will play another powerhouse in Penn St. for the 2010 Stolenbike Dynasty National title. This is the 3rd time in three years in which the Sun Devils will play for the National Title. They won the National title in 2006 and oddly enough played Penn St, but loss the Title game in 2007.

In other news LSU missed out on their shot to be in the big game with an upset loss to Arkansas. However they still made the trip to Atlanta and won the SEC Championship with a 55-24 victory over Tennessee. West Virginia and Houston were the only other undefeated teams. And earlier in the season, 4 year starter, G Tommy Jones, saw a dip in his grades and it was recommended that he sit out 2 games. But putting football ahead of academics, Coach Namath instead forced him to major in psychology and he is now assigned to do reports on two of Bama's most troubled players: DE Quentin Rawls and incoming HB Josh Reese, for his final project. Reese, the troubled transfer from Ohio St. was the #1 HB out of High School. The Ohio native sat out the 2010 season and will only have one year of eligibility, however he will challenge for the starting HB position. Reese was seen laughing during the LSU and Auburn losses. Jones's reports on Reese and Rawls coming soon!. By the way RAPTORS undefeated in PRESEASON!!!!!


  • Can I get the info for that fat guy? There's a career waiting for him in Hollywood...

    Arizona State girls do have STDs, but UofA girls are NOT classy...although, by using the word classy, that pretty much puts in a category with Wrestlers and Maury Povich guests....

    Bear down bitches

    By Blogger Christian, at 25/10/06 8:46 AM  

  • "...all have aids"

    By Anonymous jeff, at 25/10/06 9:42 PM  

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