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Saturday, October 21, 2006

mylosh needs a memory enhancer

Holy smokes, I can't believe I forgot to mention in my Notre Dame game that the most insane thing happened in the last minute. How the heck did I forget to mention this while writing this blog? In the final minute Notre Dame actually scored a TD to take a 16-15 lead, however the play went up to the booth and it turns out that the UND WR stepped out of bounds and the play was reversed. With my recent lapses in short term memory I think its about time I get me hands on some Ginkgo Biloba.And the weird thing is, what triggered this memory was that I was in a local bookstore reading the back cover of Collapse from overrated author Jared Diamond (of Guns Germs and Steel fame) and I was like "Holy Shit, I forgot that UND had a TD overturned." Man my thearpist has a lot to work with here. Another thing I realized too was that my only loses this year were to teams from the state of South Carolina, home state of Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O'Neal and CL's political hero Strom Thurmond.

Anyways I watched the real Bama team play today and it was not the most entertaining game but it was close with The Vols winning by 3. I must admit now though (to the chagrin of one of my loyal fans) that something was missing this week in college ball for me, and a lot of it had to do with USC having a bye week. This year I found myself going out of my way to watch all their games and I'm actually liking this years team much better than Team Hollywood from last year.

In my Dynasty Mississippi St proved no problem as Bama won 31-0. However in the 1st quarter starting MLB and Las Vegas native JR Maurice Harrison tore his shoulder after intercepting a pass. He is out for the season putting R-SO Gavin Lee of Bowling Green, OH under a lot of pressure as his first two starts of his career will be against undefeated LSU and rival Auburn. In recruiting news Bama got commitments from 4 instate players and a soft verbal from a white TE from Los Angeles. But the loss of Harrison is certainly tough news on the road to Atlanta, here is how the top of the SEC West currently looks.

LSU 5-0
Bama 5-1
Auburn 5-1
Arkansas 4-2

Lastly Joe Namath's career record sits at 49-15, he has a chance to hit the magical half century mark with an upset over LSU


  • A white TE From LA? Private School right? I think 1994 was the last year they had a white kid in the LA Public School system...

    also...I need some interviews, please...I have little understanding about your people...I want videos too...damnit...

    By Blogger Christian, at 23/10/06 12:40 PM  

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