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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the value of education in miami

We've all seen the brew ha ha countless times but thanks to googletube, we are able to see the ligther side of things from the Miami Brawl with a school that hasn't updated its football website since August:

- Here's Miami Alum Lamar Thomas, showing the value of an education at "The U" (audio required)
- This guy is a political science prof
- miami film school (just watch 2 seconds and see the vid quality)
- FIU undergard Kelly is really drunk before the game (warning: no tripod was used)
- the actions on the field somehow goes into the stands, i still don't know whats going on here, but the narrator is "gonna puke, that was exciting"
- the guy featured in this clip, I believe is a media arts major, or perhaps landscape architecture, because yes it is his house
- hahahaha and this clip proves that even when searching for FIU Miami brawl clips you still end up with leafs highlights (read comment from "weirdguywithmoney")
- oh and of course bring on the googletube music vids:
music vid 1
music vid 2

- and lastly let's not forget that "The U" is environmentally friendly


  • Thank god there were Leafs highlights in there...

    what the hell is BOILSOFT? If you're going to pirate something....

    By Blogger Christian, at 17/10/06 4:58 PM  

  • ahahaha what no comment on the miami scooters or drunk kelly

    By Anonymous mv, at 17/10/06 10:53 PM  

  • bzzzzzzzzzzzz

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18/10/06 1:13 AM  

  • ncaa 08 definitely needs the ability to have a bench-clearing brawl... blades of steel-style

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19/10/06 10:29 AM  

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