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Monday, October 23, 2006

major disappointments

Life brings you ups and downs, but disappointment hit hard this past Sunday. Not only did I partake in a viewing of Sofia Copolla's Marie Antoinette, but an important game was lost in my Dynasty against LSU, which knocked me out of the SEC West title and a chance to repeat as SEC champs.

I hate to admit it but I really like Sofia Copolla. Yes I know nepotism plays a big part in her so called "indie career" but Lick the Star (part 1 & part 2) was decent for a student flick, Virgin Suicides was alright and I wasn't one of the people who gave Sofia a hard time during the Q & A at TIFF for her negative portrayal of Japanese citizens in Lost in Translation (those may or may not have been my friends and family). So I ignored the negative reviews and I figured that anything that was booed by the French had to be good. And $40 million dollars later, we're provided with a two hour photography exhibit with recycled shots from VS and LIT (Sofia loves the "moving vehicle shots" and the Kirsten lying in the grass sideways" shots) and with only about 10 pages worth of dialogue ( I stole that). - Yes thats Kirsten at a USC game, with a USC scarf! - And let's not forget her big narrative cop out. (I don't understand why "richard-877" called me an idiot. Please help explain to me.) Anyways I had high expectations for this and wow was I disappointed.

Things turned worse with my loss to LSU. There was nothing I could do. The Tigers were just the better team and I hope they win the National Title. Things got bad in the second quarter, as QB Chad Arnold sprained his ankle and would be out for the game. But his backup SO Travis Spicer, a Jersey kid, was no slouch. He threw a 56 yard bomb early to Brandon Luke for his first career passing TD. Luke finished with 6-137-1, while Joel Thompson was 8-136-1. Spicer was 17-28 for 252 yards and 2 TDs. But LSU's star WR JR Issac Doty was unstoppable. He caught 6 passes for 103 yards and 3 TDs, two of which came early in the 3rd quarter, making it tough for Bama to come back. LSU is now the only team I have a losing record against in my Dynasty at 3-2. The Iron Bowl is next against a decent Auburn#17 (8-2) team, with real life players QB Neil Caudle, RB Ben Tate and WR Tim Hawthorne all being 5th year Seniors (rated 95+) in my Dynasty and all dominating the SEC in most stat categories.

Another major disappointment this in year in my Dynasty has been the lack in production from superstar DE SR Quentin Rawls. The London, Ontario native started as a FR and had a breakthrough SO year with 6 sacks and ALL SEC honors. But it was his JR year where he became a 1st Team All American with 10 sacks and 16 TLs. Even though he is rated 99 overall, Rawls has been in a slump all year with OTs having their way with him. Going into the Iron Bowl he sits at 9 Tackles and 3 sacks. JR Jason Parker of TX, has become the key player on the Tide's DL. Rumour has it that it is not jealousy of Parker but rather the BCS screwjob from last year, that has him in his funk. He has lost all faith in College Football as the blocking all of sudden seems much better and it seems like he's just waiting to get drafted in Madden 07 on an NFL Team. He's only still at Bama to get his degree for his Aunt.Meanwhile his DL mates JRs Brandon Quinn and Zach Saint Preux, both black Mississippi country boys, said in unison "It gots more to do with us not letting him play Soca music and dance hall reggae" Stolenbikedynasty is working on an interview with Rawls, but he threatened to shoot us.


  • I need an interview with Quentin Rawls! I need it, I need his perspective on everything...AND his Soca recommendations

    By Blogger Christian, at 23/10/06 10:13 PM  

  • ok, so I got this idea for a movie. It's about a girl, who moves, then does nothing for almost two hours, play some early 80s punk rock and new wave, then end with a happy carriage ride...sound good?

    Or how about a movie about a Canadian Defensive End who moves to Alabama, eats a bunch of cake, has sex with a Swedish General, then has his team disbanded by angry Bayou people...awesome...40 million?

    By Blogger Christian, at 23/10/06 10:34 PM  

  • Shouldn't have blown those recruiting points by keeping Rawls on campus...

    By Anonymous brett, at 24/10/06 11:11 AM  

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