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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

stabby, stabby, & raycroft era begins at 4:30

okay since me and my good friend over at Riverdale Palm Trees have started blogging our NCAA Dynasties we have been deemed by our friends, family, coworkers, and ladies of the nights as lunatics in need of therapy. While their claims are entirely justified, there are people out there who are worse than us. John Rodney Wilson of Athens, GA (hometown of REM) went and stabbed his friend after a fierce battle of NCAA Football on PS2 between Auburn and Tennessee. I mean we've had times in our video game playing history where we've chucked controllers, punched walls and even heckled real life players (haha I'll get into this later) for their performance in video games, but a stabbing was nowhere in our books. Article courtesy of our good friend Warren St. John

In the meantime not much time has been devoted to the bama dynasty because I've been settling into my new place in kits (yes I'm better than all of you) and enjoying some rather interesting flicks at VIFF. Though it makes me sad that for the 2nd year in a row I was not in Toronto for TIFF. Had my mother email me everyday about sipping wine with big time celebs, trying to make me jealous. And it also brought fond memories of when a friend and I went to a big wig party and pretended that Alliance bought our script, man very easy to pick up film chicks. While VIFF lacks the party atmosphere and general city wide buzz that takes over the TDOT during the month of September, its nice to see off beat films and have pretentious people asking stupid questions during the Q & A. Makes me feel at home.

anyways position previews for my 2010 season to come

happy hump day
Raycroft for Vezina!!!!!!!!


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