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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rammer Jammer,Uncle Tom & Can Con

Sweet, The big corporate bookstore finally got my shipment of the Bama Fan's bible: Warren St. John's Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer. I'm only 30 pages in, but so far so good. Bascially lifelong Tide fan, St. John travels with a bunch of hardcore Bama fans in their RVs for an entire season. Reminds me a lot of Nick Hornby's account of balancing his two loves (soccer team Arsenal and some lady), in Fever Pitch. Which of course was badly re-made into a Red Sox film, starring good ole Jimmy Fallon and the lovely Drew Barrymore. Basically they are both told from the fan's point of view. Here's an excerpt and also check out St.John's blog.

Now to the Dynasty. I was sad to see Prothro and Darby leave however I managed to get the #10 recruiting class, #2 in the SEC! My favorite player in the class so far is a DE from London , Ontario, Quentin Rawls. He wasn't even a target until week 4 and then he signed instantly. The plan was to redshirt Rawls but the 4 star Canadian recruit came out wtih an 84 overall rating. So I had to start him(yes I'm biased) and he has had a decent first two games. Rawls made some key tackles in the Maryland game. Oh ya the season, Bama was ranked 30th so I scheduled Colorado and Maryland, also ranked in the 30s. Colorado was scheduled because Paul McNab always uses them in NCAA, and he sucks major balls. I managed to squeak by 31-28 with a last second FG. The Maryland game was a bit tougher, (Maryland being the school that Namath originally signed with, until he was academically ineligible) their D Line and LB core made it difficult to generate any sort of running attack, yet the Tide prevailed with another last second FG, winning 13-10. So 2-0 in 2007 and more importantly a Canadian Freshman in the starting line up.

In other news

- in a survey done at work, only 4 of 27 people knew the term "Uncle Tom", yet many found Uncle Tom's Bugalow quite amusing
- former Ohio State star, Maurice Clarett was tasered
- watched some Can Con last night in Instant Star. Cheesy, but not bad. Glad to see Canadian Production values have risen since North of 60
- also I must say that I am quite hooked on Rockstar Supernova now, yuk. decent spin on idol, still retarded, but man Tommy Lee is such a nice guy. Go back to college!

Roll Tide


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