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Thursday, October 26, 2006

cory kennedy: hipster paris or the fashion world's lonelygirl15

And the new Stolenbike internet obsession is..............................

Santa Monica's Cory Kennedy!

Now I live in Pacific Northwest, so yes if you are from New York or L.A. and you stumbled upon here, I realize that I'm a couple months behind. But this girl has been seen with everyone from Mischa Barton to Mike Tyson. So who is Corey Kennedy you ask? Well as of post time, she has yet to have an entry in wikipedia but she's slowly becoming one of the most talked about teens on the internet, generating both positive and negative buzz. (This Live Journal entry is really funny) Regardless people are talking about Cory. Her look and style is the stuff that East Van women dream of, and she even has one individual creating her on the Sims. More importantly though she has over 1000 friends on her myspace and is already on my Top 8. And what has she done? Absolutely nothing, except show up in several party photos on her boyfriend's website. Who by the way is well over the age of 16. Sober, drunk, or drugged you be the judge. But basically the music video that she stars in, pretty much sums up all that she does, eat and do nothing. Hey does that remind yall of someone?

Being lazy myself, I appreciate those who succeed in life by doing nothing. Why else haven't I left my current job yet. That's why I admire people like Paris Hilton, Luc Longley, Glenn Healy and Kevin Federline. But is she the next Paris or the next lonelygirl15. Paris had the sex tape . Cory has that Lolita mystique where rumors even aroused of a relationship with 45 year old Vincent Gallo. But there are just as many plotholes in her story as there were in the lonelygirl15 saga, which makes me wonder if she's just some party girl with famous friends or if she is the creation of someone at some big time fashion company's marketing department. First of all this girl is all over the internet and even absentee parents google their kids. Basically every picture of Cory has her hammered or coked out of her mind. So why haven't these people who post these photos or who let her into their clubs been arrested yet. Another weird thing was that out of nowhere she got a fashion spread on Nylon magazine and stars in a music video. Love her or hate her I'm pretty sure this won't be the last you'll hear of Cory Kennedy.

So while I debate whether or not Cory is real or not, I have a much tougher decision with the various position battles for 2011 in my Dynasty. Here's quick recaps of the battles to come:

JR Steve Ferguson has established himself as a star with back to back 1000 yard rushing years, however high profile Ohio St transfer SR Josh Reese is what many say Clarett could have been.

Last year 3 star JUCO Keith Williams occupied this position and did a terrible job. This year the job is up for grabs with 5 underclassman fighting it out for the starting spot.

No one will ever replace Michael Poppinga, but SOs Nathan Willis & Darrell Johnson will have to fend off incoming Freshman Jacob Pears and Daniel Johnson (no relation to Darrell)

This will be the biggest battle. Greg Robertson graduated with no decent backup so recruiting brought in FR Chris Christian of South Carolina and JUCO Stephen Schilcher , both rated 82.


p.s. I found out from my roomate that "arised" is not a word, man you learn a new thing everday


  • Dear Myles,

    I just had a very lengthy blog comment typed about regarding your advance hipster knowledge and NCAA knowledge. Knowledge. However, it appears I hit CTRL + N and crashed internet explorer. For the most part, it involved me sitting a hippie-laden area of Victoria on a Futon ranting about the racist diatribes of a brown haired society bent on memorization of kickball stats, situational irony, and drinking Cubes of Pil. Anyways, someone is playing acoustic guitar.



    By Anonymous Jeff, at 26/10/06 10:37 PM  

  • Some of those photos are really creepy. I hate all those people in those photos but I can not keep away.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27/10/06 12:20 AM  

  • Remember, Hipster knowledge in Vancouver is easy if you're from Toronto, Montreal, NYC or know why? Because you have 2-3 years to get ready for what Van City is about to do....

    Get a time machine you northwest idiots...

    By Blogger Christian, at 27/10/06 10:59 AM  

  • WHERE IS THE RECRUITING REPORT? Where are they from? What do we know about them? I want detail, and if you can't find the time, you make the time dickesode..

    By Blogger Christian, at 27/10/06 11:56 AM  

  • Hi,

    Just FYI, I'm Corey Kennedy of Washington, DC.
    Fashion icon, artist-diva at your service!
    Just google me beeatches!!!!

    Angela Melkisethian!!!!

    PS I love you all, humanity is a source of good and evil, let's embrace the former!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/11/06 7:48 PM  

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