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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Josh Reese: The Life & Alabama Cotton Picking.........

c'mon get your head out of the gutter, I wasn't talking about you know what but rather how two key PICK OFFs by SRs Derek Green and Greg Robertson led to a 41-21 Cotton Bowl victory over the #11 Nebraska Cornhuskers. QB Chad Arnold was near perfect going 14-16 for 192 yards and 2 TDs, but the MVP went to SO HB Steve Ferguson who ran for 139 yards and 2 TDs. Ferguson had to impress with Josh Reese coming into the mix next season. All Seniors on Defence basically shut down Nebraska's pass game. Very sad to see FS Green, SS Robertson, CB Jimmy Fernandez and LOLB Michael Poppinga leave, however they've set the standard at Bama and a Madden Franchise is in the works so we'll see how they do in the NFL. Rawls ended his up and down Bama career with 2 tackles and 1 sack, but his pass rush frustrated Nebraska's QB

So it was a bit of a disappointing season finishing 9-4 and a #15 ranking, however it was my first year on Heisman and LSU and Auburn were sick. Here are some quick end of season notes:

- Penn State wins their 2nd National Title in my Dynasty. With the help of Heisman winner HB Fred Lewis, PSU beat ASU 38-17.
- Auburn HB Ben Tate ends career with 5441 yards and 62 TDs
- Two QBs in 100 TD club: PSU's Pat Devlin (real life player) - 108 and ASU's Joey McIntyre (#2 QB out of H.S. and Kansas City native) -104
- Alabama had no All Americans, but JR Joel Thompson who missed 4 games, finished with 51-887-7 and basically all of Bama's receiving records.
- Bama signed 8 four star recruits. 7 of them are from Alabama while the lone out of stater was TE Trevor Young of Los Angeles, California. Young has been seen throughout his high school career with the girl pictured to the right of Paris (more on the Hipster Hilton: Cory Kennedy later) He was recruited by USC but his parents wanting him to get away from the Echo Park & Silverlake scene, forced him to go to Alabama for some discipline.

Other than the NFL Draft, the biggest news is the arrival of Josh Reese. Here is a look of his statistics at Ohio St

2007 - N/A
2008 - N/A
2009 - 930 yards 7 TDs 7.8 YRDS/CAR & 1 National Title (he split duties with real life Buckeye Chris Wells)
2010 - transfers to Alabama.

He was academically ineligible his first two years but he tore it up in 2009 helping the Bucs win a National Title. However one night while playing drinking Jenga he hit Alum Greg Oden in the knee with a hockey stick signed by Jody Shelley. Apparently Oden said that Rick Nash was a better Blue Jacket. He was immediately kicked out of school and things got worse when he tried to get several members of the Ohio State women's volleyball team to point shave and the less attractive members to simply just "shave". (Meghan Simons plays volleyball there)

As a result he was forced to attend a Detention Center in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights where he befriended an ex-security guard who happened to be an ex-football player for John Carroll University. All Reese talked about was how much he hated football and that all he wanted to do was train dogs for fighting, gamble and have sex with freshman. Upset with this wasted talent, the security guard sent him to live with one of his cousin's friends in LA. Through the friend and his Buckeye Alum wife, Reese learned to appreciate football once again as he was forced to stay out of troubleand play 60 years in a NCAA Dynasty and blog about it on a daily basis. The only incident in LA was when he punched this L.A. photographer in the face for taking photos of him and his new friends at the Griddle Cafe. The friend and wife gave Bama a call and Namath decided to give him a chance despite the depth a RB. Namath himself orginally signed with Maryland but failed to qualify academically, Bear Bryant gave him a chance and the rest is history. Oh ya G Tommy Jones awaits graduation as his final project on troubled players Rawls and Rees is currently being graded. His NFL Draft evaluation is dependent on a passing grade from this project. For more on Alabama Psychology visit here.


  • Best Post Ever. Training Dogs for Fighting at the Detention Center? AWESOME....and the shaving volleyballers...amazing...

    Schlicter still wants you to interview him...

    By Blogger Christian, at 26/10/06 7:49 AM  

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