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Monday, October 16, 2006

cripple fight

oh dear, that miami derby over the weekend was crazy. Florida International is now one of my favorite schools.

Anyways TS has been hooked on Tiger Woods and I spent my weekend finishing season 1 of Prison Break, so I only had time to watch one full football game this weekend, but it was a good one with USC waking up in the 4th quarter against ASU. Kudos to the cameraman for the numerous cutaways on ASU and USC coeds. Man I love PAC 10 girls! I also could only work in one game in my Dynasty and it was a 34-20 victory over Ole Miss. RB Stever Ferugson woke out of his SO slump with 70 yards and 2 TDs, while Joel Thompson had 6 catches for 79 yards and 2 TDs, as the Tide sit at #18 in the nation with a 5-2 record.


  • Football fights need to be part of the game. Why is ok for hockey to get all the sweet fights, but none in football? It should be 10 yard penalty for a bench clearing brawl...assessed to the team the ref thought lost...

    By Blogger Christian, at 16/10/06 9:59 PM  

  • this is nuts

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16/10/06 11:12 PM  

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