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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh my Gawd, a nite without NCAA

Yes, yes, I apologize Tony and Landers and to all those other Dynasty freaks. I went through a night without playing NCAA Football. I must admit that those losses to ND and UGA are still getting to me. I will find time to play a game tonight though as I have a matchup in Oxford (photo from the Grove, right) and I'm sure Blind Jim Ivy will be waiting for me. I'll make sure to remove Dylan's Oxford Town from my ipod.

- Here's some Youtube fun

- so whoa, apparently Alabama has a hockey team I only played AA but I'm fairly confident I would make this team
- this is an oldie but goodie, a preppy fighting a cholo
- keeping with latin flavor, actually I believe by their accents that they're Andalusian and not South American at all, here's a classic
- and here's a preview of what the Leafs have to look forward to. A hit on some Finnish dude from when Peca was on the Canucks. Now he's back in his hometown where he belongs. Go Leafs !

In other news:

- Bosh isn't doing so well on Team USA, but who cares
- USC star WR Dwayne Jarrett loves mooching rides
- And former Terrapin baller Lonny Baxter keeps it real in front of the White House


  • No post on season progress? F+

    I like the links - thumbs down on reviews on reviews.

    Arizona has a hockey team, and I know you could make the Ice Cats...I watched IU's team once, you could definitely run that squad...

    By Blogger Christian, at 16/8/06 6:31 PM  

  • my bad, I knew you hate the Reviews on Reviews but I was bored at work

    By Blogger broadway mylosh, at 16/8/06 8:40 PM  

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