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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stafford Owns Bama and Laguna Soccer

ya the native of Dallas lit me up for 293 yards and 4 TDs. Did i also mention that he sat out the 4th quarter and had 250 yards and 4 TDs at the half. Bama was down 28-6 at the half and only got points on UGA's 2nd team D. Lone highlight was a J.P. Wilson TD bomb to my main man Mike McCoy for 95 yards. J.P. was 15-28-333-1, but had 3 INTs. McCoy shined again with 5 REC 183 YARDs and 1 TD. UGA 35 BAMA 20

Bama (4-2) is now out of the TOP 25 but at least Auburn (4-2) lost their last two as well. Ole Miss is next

Oh ya about the pic, ya thats just some girl, (her name is Katy Dowling) on the UW soccer team from Laguna Beach. She thinks Kirsten and LC are losers and turned down Jason on several occasions because he smokes. But would probably date Matt Stafford, if he does in real life what he did to my Bama team in the video game. Laguana Beach Season 3 starts on MTV Canada soon. Wooooohoooo!


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