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Sunday, August 13, 2006

"You Need to Call Tyrone....."

..... but ya can't use my phone." Great Erykah Badu tune. Haha but here's hoping that Tyrone Willingham (yup that's me and Ty) turns around the Husky's fortunes this year. Although in this year's NCAA game, starting QB Isaiah Stanback was given an 88 in speed the highest rating for QBs. I want UW to do well, but I do not see Stanback having a Vince Young type year. Somebody doing DB for NCAA 07 must've been a UW grad. Still that might be good enough to make me complete a season with them, along with my Bama Dynasty of course. Oh ya and some UW hotties suckered me into buying a three game mini pack, so I guess I'll be following the Dawgs this year. But don't worry Tony and Chris, you know I love U of A and SC. Back to Ty, really solid dude. I did not really want an autograph but he saw that I was read Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer and left me a message, I guess he thought I was from the South. Anyways I've been neglecting the game, so its off to play Arkansas and maybe I'll start a UW dynasty as well.

In other news

- The real "Myron Rolle" added me on my space
- Little Miss Sunshine = my favorite summer movie so far
- Lander's got blown out in the bowl, OUCH!
- and gotta love those UW sorority kids. Thanks for the hospitality!


  • That's an awesome autograph. Perhaps it's time for Myles to assume a 'Bama alter ego? Try for realism, you can keep your name, or you can use ultra American names:
    1. Tyler
    2. Brandon
    3. Drew

    Pick one, talk about how you went to a suburban bama school, went to the crappy UofA...(Alabama, the good one is Arizona)

    By Blogger Christian, at 14/8/06 7:24 AM  

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