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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Causes of the Crash

The Boom Bust Theory, The German Mark, and having a penalty occur when being up 14-0 towards the end of the 2nd quarter: what do they all have in common: all led to crashes. Of course one led to the great depression, while the other led to me spending the day on the beach. There is still debate as to which is worse, the events in 1929 or not being able to a complete a game on my PS2. I am guessing the latter. Anyways I was playing the #25 ranked South Carolina Gamecocks and I was up 14-0 towards the end of the second half, Bama was dominating. But....... an offside call occured and during the penalty animation sequence (NIS I believe is the industry term) my game crashed. Mmmmmm very similar to the last time I crashed when I was up 14-0 on Tennessee. So the lesson of the day kids, when you're up 14-0 don't get a penalty.

So I simmed the game and Bama ended up winning 27-26 in OT, my QB Chad Arnold threw 3 picks, yikes. That's okay though because the Tide is 5-0 and now I know the causes of the crash. Gee I should get a job finding these things.

That's all for this morning, in the meantime check out these youtube clips

texas tech Bellringer: what a jerk (hahaha I'm so clever)
pop warner coach takes out kid
UAB wideout takes out trainer

oh and of course whats a stolenbikedynasty post without a lonelygirl15 vid. This time she expresses her distress over Pluto (man we have so much in common) then on a more serious note, she talks about how kids at her school started saying very bad things about her and her teacher(man so much in common). Yes kids are horrible, I'm here for you kid


  • actually the causes of the 1929 crash are much more complex than that, jerk, go read a history book

    your lover

    By Anonymous myles's lover, at 7/9/06 4:53 PM  

  • Myles,

    First of all, Go Read some Galbraith, idiot.

    Second of all, having your NCAA game freeze is WAAAAY worse than a global economic depression (except in Russia, which by the way, you should investigate as a possible cause of your crash)...

    Also, I'm pretty sure I got my driver's license at the same time as LonelyGirl15 in Glendale, real...not kidding...or at the very least a girl who looked a lot like her, I remember thinking "I want to see her license to see if she's an actress" joke here...

    New Laguna Sucks

    By Blogger Christian, at 7/9/06 6:54 PM  

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