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Friday, September 01, 2006

Utah's Spread Offence & Miss St. losses Twice

So much to tell. I'll have to put in several entries today. First off I would like to stand up and clap for Mr. Landerz (also the name of my female jockey in Gallop Racer 2006) for taking his Samoan led Arizona Wildcats to a national title game despite the fact that Bama lost in the SEC title game to the Vols!

College football (real) started yesterday and the feature game on ESPN was a snoozer in which the South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks beat the Miss St. Bulldogs 15-0. Thankfully a Seahawks preseason game was on local TV. However the start of the new season got me pumped to play some video game football and I fought off my biological need for sleep (something I've been lacking this week) to take on 2-7 Mississippi St. I decided to try a new playbook and choose Utah's spread offence. And what a delight it was. J.P. Wilson threw "ZERO" INTs!!!!!!!!!!! He finished with 236 yards and 3 TDs. This was also the first time this year I got to play my second team and Hoover High's (featured in MTV's Two a Days, very good show) Cory Reamer returned an INT for a TD in a 37-10 blowout.

Bama using Utah's spread offence
(photo from University's official site)


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