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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Utah Ain't So Bad, Neither is Beating the Vols

After much distress, I finally completed a game in my Bama Dynasty. I believe last Thursday was the last time I finished a game. The matchup which featured #22 Alabama vs. #24 Tennessee in Knoxville, was very uneventfull despite the fact that it was named the #2 all time game. J.P. Wilson threw 3 INTs in the first half again, however he was superb in the 2nd half finishing the game with 310 yards and 2 TDs. Final score was 30-24 but the game was littered with turnovers galore on both sides. My Bama team is now at 7-2, with Miss St and a bunch of recruits coming for a visit to Tuscaloosa. The real Miss St plays today vs. the bootleg USC as College Football kicks off today.

Anways here's a vid a coworker sent me with some indie rocker getting owned by a water bottle.Oh and if I do a Dynasty with a mid major I may have to pick Utah. I thought everyone in Utah was mormon. This is courtesy of UDubdish, by way of bruinsnation Yes Couger (not the BYU kind) and freshman unite, in Utah of all places.


  • I love the Vols for these reasons:
    1. They lost to you
    2. They lost to me
    3. They beat Texas.....sick

    Florida Atlantic - COME ON UNDEFEATED SEASON!

    By Blogger Christian, at 31/8/06 6:56 PM  

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