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Monday, September 04, 2006

Captial One Heartbreak

Say it ain't so Joe. Alabama legend Joe Namath is 0-3 in bowl games after a 20-17 defeat to Michigan. In what was rightfully deemed (by dynasty AI) the 2nd greatest game of all time, this defensive battle became a shootout in the last 1:32 of the game. With Michigan up 13-10, J.P. Wislon threw at 4th down TD from Bama's own 13 to superstar freshman Joel Thompson (who was playing in his home town of Orlando) for an 87 yard TD. The pass was only 10 yards but J.T. broke through several defenders and stiff armed the last man down the field. However the lead would not last for long, Michigan QB Jason Forcier was poised and controlled the drive with short passes. Then SR Mario Mannigham shrugged off Bama corner Jimmy Fernandez (who had the game of his life until this point) and was open for a 60 yard TD. Michigan tears turned to cheers (click on photo) For the second year in a row Michigan beat Bama in a New Years Day Bowl.

Despite this defeat, the Administration was so impressed with the team's effort that they awarded Coach Namath a four year contract extension and he vowed to bring home a national title to Tuscaloosa, before he retires to coach Hawaii or USC.

End of Season notes

- 2008 final record 10-4, ranked #23 in Media and in Coaches
- National Title stays in BIG 10 with undefeated Ohio St beating Nebraska 49-21
- J.P. Wilson caps a stellar (such a BC word) record breaking career with 3447 yards and 29 TDs and only 15 INTs (I'm getting better a reading coverages)
- Florida Gators get revenge on the Noles beating them in the Sugar Bowl (Tebow declares for NFL Draft)
- 1st Team All American Honors for T Andre Smith and DC native FR K Jason Hall
- 2nd Team All American Honros for WR Michael McCoy who finished with 72-1510-13
- 1st Team All Freshman for Joel Thompson
- McCoy and Andre Smith leave for early for NFL
- Southlake Carroll (Texas HS powerhouse) star QB Greg McElroy leaves Bama for UCF
- Arizona loses Sun Bowl to #11 Notre Dame

Other notes

- just got a call from Pretty Paul in the Tdot, he will win a crapload of cash and will pay for our drinks in LA if Miami pulls off this victory over FSU
- I have no ESPN, so I'm watching the Laguna Marathon, however I will go downtown to a bar to watch the second half, but this second season of Laguna is keeping me in. (ahh memories). Watch this and this
- oh and I'm still amazed at how well USC played and Bama won their first game, nice.


  • That's heartbreak, to lose another bowl. I know the frustration, you also have it bad because you play in such a tough conference. The Pac Ten is tough, but not that tough...and my recruiting pipeline is AZ, TX, and CA, with competition coming from USC, UCLA, Texas, and ASU...whereas you in the Southeast have so much to compete with....

    I'm pulling for you to run it next year and I'd like more information about your recruits..

    By Blogger Christian, at 4/9/06 10:37 PM  

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