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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Game Freeze, Delmon Young & Arnold Recruiting Video

The game locked up on me last night. I was in Knoxville playing #24 Tennessee (Bama is 6-2 at #22) and was up 14-0. Then in the closing seconds of the half, my SS intercepted a pass, but at the same time there was a pass interference call. This was follwed by that weird bzzzzzzzzzz noise and the game crashed. WTF? With this crash and the Ole Miss fumblitis incident I feel like someone out there does not want me to finish my 3rd season. I was so angry that I decided to go and smash things, too bad someone caught me on tape.

Is it because I neglected you for 3 whole days. Man this is like taking off on your girlfriend to go on a fishing trip with the boys and then your girl gives you no love when you come back. Okay I apologize. Just let me finish my game. I promise to give you more attention tonight.

In other news

- lonelygirl15 has posted on new vid, its weird and creepy, lacks the charm of HBO's, errr I meant "HER" other vids
- Delmon Young, whom yall might remember from this bat throwing incident, hit his first HR last night. All this after he was introduced to majors by getting hit by a pitch in his first AB. This boy is going tear it up.
- true freshman C.J. Gable looks to be the heir to Reggie Bush
- note to self: don't wear mask or cape when robbing bank
- finally baseball in the holy land
- and last but not least, due to popular demand I dug up the Ben Arnold recruiting video from


  • As an American Resident, I agree with this video.

    Why aren't there more candidates like Myles Valentin who seek to strip the vote from women. The reason why voter turnout is so low in the US is that men don't think their vote counts anymore because women cancel it out...that's a fact...

    Myles in 2008...

    Also, Sony conspiracy against you man...get an Xbox

    By Blogger Christian, at 30/8/06 11:40 AM  

  • Two a Days was awesome today...oh Kristen....oh Keagan...oh much excellence....and a guest appearance....oooooohhh

    By Blogger Christian, at 30/8/06 8:07 PM  

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