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Sunday, September 03, 2006

John David's Booty, American Beer, & Ella Enchanted

Okay even though I wrote down USC 54, Arkansas 14, in my tiebrake for my pick'em league, I did not expect a 50 point performance. All I can say is wow!

These guys should've trained with Canadian beer

I managed to get a ride to the UW game and it was fun tailgating, but man now I know why everyone at Browns games always told me to bring down a two-four of canadian beer, American beer just gets you bloated. No wonder why it takes everyone 14 beers to get a buzz. People blame obesity on fast food, I would like to blame it on 4% beer. The only thing I didn't really like about the cinematic classic Beerfest, is that they didn't train with Canadian beer! Needless to say the UW game was fun, I was too drunk to take pics. Let's just say that purple shirt and denim skirts was the uniform of choice (gott love them west coast girls). The game was really crappy and ditto for some of the fans. They're just not as friendly as fans in the midwest. There are several incidents, but I'll talk about them in another entry. Let's just say that when you go to a Browns game or an SC game you instantly fall in love with the fans, I've been to a bunch of UW games and the fans just aren't as friendly or charming. However I have met some of the beat writers and older fans and those folks are really nice.

Okay now for some Dynasty updates, despite my Sunday hangover (thanks to some sunday pick up hoops, some tomato juice and a healthy dose of TBS movies on a sunday, yes I sat through Ella Enchanta and My Best Friends Wedding, kill me, kill me now) I was able to muster enough energy to finish my SEC Title game against 11-1 Florida. They blew an undefeated season by losing to Florida St and the eventual 2008 Heisman winner Drew Weatherford. So I was playing in my first conference tilte game, its funny because in NCAA 2001 I remember playing Florida twice in the conference title game, they beat me both times. And looks like I would lose for a third time. J.P. Wilson was strong going 5-6 with 57 yards in the first quarter, however a late hit got him knocked out of the game with a concussion. And backup Barnes who was impressive in the Iron Bowl, was ineffective. I even tried to use 3rd string Qb, redshirt Freshman Chad Arnold, but he was just as bad. The game was close however as I only lost 28-23. Tebow did not put up impressive stats but made several key third down conversions. I lost the SEC title, but hey I won the Iron Bowl and now 10-3 Alabama is headed to the Capital One Bowl against Michigan. Same matchup from my bowl game last year in which Michigan came out on top. Oh and 12-1 Nebraska plays 13-0 Ohio St in the national title. Thats all for now I gots to finish my 2nd nfl fantasy draft and I can't multi-task too well.


  • Nothing wrong with the Capital One me, this is a big building block year...'Bama will be sick next year...

    was at a wedding all weekend in Cleveland, did not get appropriate access to my Dynasty...but National title game is coming up...

    By Blogger Christian, at 4/9/06 1:42 PM  

  • the mystery girl in the limo is Courtenay, Jessica's friend.

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 4/9/06 1:54 PM  

  • oh and don't forget about this huge kock

    By Anonymous jeff, at 4/9/06 3:30 PM  

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