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Monday, September 04, 2006

Recruiting Riches & New Lonelygirl15 Video

yikes, FSU pulled one off. Poor Paul. Couldn't find a bar along Broadway that had ESPN so I didn't see any of the game, also my bike lock was broken so I just went to a hipster cafe for some cafination (ya I know thats not a word) so I could do some recruiting. And I managed to pull in my best class yet with the ninth best in the nation. Highlights include

- Brandon Luke WR 6'7 202 - probably on basketball scholarship as well, this 5 star WR was the #1 overall player in the nation. He is from Ravenna, OH, which is just outside of Akron, He is good friends with Lebron James. He came into the game with an 84 rating. He will line up along side SO Joel Thompson as the #2 WR

- 4 Quarterbacks!!!. Two JUCOs, (however I converted one of them to a DE) & Two Freshman, although one of the Freshman is only there for his education as he is a Tuscaloosa native and only a 3 star recruit. None will factor in the battle to replace John Parker Wilson, (that battle is between SR Barnes and SO Chad Arnold)

- 3 Top 100 RBs. Could this be similar to USC class of 2003 or 2006. Along with 5 star studs Ferguson and Coles; see previous story. I added in 6'1 224 4 star Alabama native Chase Hill.

- A 3 star athlete by the name of Willie Williams (not to be confused with the real life thug ex-hurricane Willie Williams: good write up on willie here), oh ya did I mention that he was from Chino, CA

- 4 star WR Kenny Thronton 5'11 164, he's from the K Dub (Kitchener Waterloo) nuff said. Forever linked with our favorite CFL loving brothers. Gotta love my Canadians on the team.

Oh and keeping with the pro-hebrew, pro-lonelygirl15 undertones of this blog, lonelygirl15 has a new vid up talking about her religion and how she's going on a diet. Oh and this video pretty much sums up all our feeling towards lonelygirl15. Must say I love the headband


  • Chino? Ewwww....I wonder if he knows Ryan....

    That is a pretty sweet class, I will say that those class rankings don't mean a thing, especially if you pull in a superstar at a skill position.

    Still can't believe I won a national title, Louisville sucked...

    BTW College Gameday National Title picks = stupid:
    1. Lee Corso - Cal *lost*
    2. Kirk Herbstreit - Miami *lost*

    I need to find a new sports gambling facility...

    By Blogger Christian, at 5/9/06 7:12 AM  

  • Hey I just found out on old elementary school buddy is playing as DE for Regina.

    Mike Picken

    By Anonymous jeff, at 5/9/06 1:33 PM  

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