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Friday, September 08, 2006

quarterbacks from kuwait & helen keller

with last night being opening night for the NFL (I should've started Simms over Culpepper) and with a rare WAC game being televised on canadian TV (thanks to thescore)i did not get a chance to play a game in my dynasty. i know, i know, this is no excuse but Two a Days was on MTV Canada and I also had a visit from the lovely neighbour hood pitbull, Floyd.therefore its time for another installment of "meet the team." the last segment took us to the birthplace of a blues legend and to a fishing town in New Hampshire, this time we visit the hometown of another famous figure.

Chad Arnold, QB Sheffield, AL
having most of the starting skill position players in my 2009 season coming from out of state (Ferguson RB - NH, Coles RB - LA, Thompson WR - FL, Luke WR - OH) it was refreshing to have an instate player at QB. the 3rd year SO hails from Sheffield situated between Muscle Shoals and Tuscumbia in northern Alabama. Muscle Shoals is perhaps best known for being mentioned in the southern rock anthem "Sweet Home Alabama" while Tuscumbia is home to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, but more importantly it is the birthplace of Helen Keller. Sheffield has a low average house hold income of $26,673, however the average house only costs $63,300, so its all relative. it is also fairly diverse (by American standards) with a 26.2% black population. (city data) in the battle to replace John Parker Wilson, Arnold beat out SR Jimmy Barnes and several incoming recruits and has done a good job so far in Alabama's 5-0 season. However with Arnold's speed (77) i throw the ball less than i did with Wilson.

okay back to the WAC game. in the closing the minutes of Boise State's 42-14 blowout or Oregon St. (USC BCS points going down). i noticed that the 3rd string QB for Boise was kind of ethnic looking. so i did a background check on him and i found that he was a native of kuwait. Bush Hamdan is the younger brother Gibran Hamdan an IU grad and nfl europe mvp who recently signed with the 49ers practice squad. Their father Latif, was a nuclear engineer working at the Kuwaiti Institute of Scientific Research and they were vacationing in San Diego when Iraq invaded in the early 90s. Latif soon after landed a job with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and both of the sons became standout athletes at Bishop Denis J. O'Connell high school in Virginia. need i mention that the younger brother's name is "Bush" and in NCAA Football 07 he has Throwing Power rating of 87 and Throw Accuracy rating of 78. other than Lander's muslim connection in his dynasty(big ups Justin Abudullah), i can't think of anything else that would better unite east and west, than a muslim quarterback

to learn more about nuclear energy go here


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