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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Engagement University No Problem, but missing the SEC

Take that Napa Valley, or San Joaquin Valley, who cares? Same thing, go drink wine. Errr , okay so Sideways was a good movie. I easily handled Fresno St (called the engaged university, I have no idea what that means) in my last non-conference game beating them 45-10. Stanback was 12-21-123-1-1, while Rankin took over for an injured Kenny James rushing for 113 yards and 2 TDs.

While I am having a blast playing with a speedy QB, I got to admit that I miss my Dynasty in the SEC. Its just that Matthew Stafford pissed me off so much. Damn Texas H.S. QBs (but hey Southlake Carroll QBs, Bobby Reid, and Mike Winchell you are all good in my books) My Bama dynasty is backed up on a mem card, so I guess I can play both pending on mood.

Anyways I'm too lazy to internet today, does anyone know who was on the Jim Rome show this morning? I was half awake but the two guys were really funny this morning.

Other items:

- the Alabama Season Ticket designs look pretty sweet
- along with Washington and the freshman studs, Cali Defensive High School standout Allen Bradford has joined the mix in the search for replacing Bush and White
- also since they have this dumb salary cap in the NHL now, I guess the Leafs are going to have to focus on the farm. Here is our Top Prospects. Noteworthy is #3, Robbie Earl (pictured left) a black kid from L.A. who was a standout for the Wisconsin Badgers, (you can bet I'll buy his jersey if he ever makes it)
- On a sadder note former Blue Jay rookie of the year Eric Hinske is now a Red Sox.


  • My friend lives in fresno. He is hispanic.

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 17/8/06 5:05 PM  

  • Fresno is gross...a certain Mr. Federline hails from there...

    Thanks to the new NHL scheduling rules, if that guy from LA ever makes the Leafs he'll never go home during the regular season because the Leafs NEVER play in LA or Anaheim...which sucks...trying to represent Leafs nation down here...

    Stanback is a pony

    By Blogger Christian, at 18/8/06 1:12 PM  

  • if you were born in '78 you're a HORSE padmonkey, i'm a sheep. send me madden.

    By Anonymous Anthony Muir, at 23/8/06 7:41 PM  

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