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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reviews on Reviews: Little Miss Sunshine

Okay this is a new a section I'm adding to my blog (ya I know blogs are soooo 2004, bite me), I'll be naming it Reviews on Reviews. I spend way too much time reading book, moive, tv show and music reviews and most are often over analitical and boring. So furthering my efforts of procrastination I'll take a bunch of reviews and tell you which are best. Our first movie: Little Miss Sunshine

reviews being reviewed: Village Voice, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and the Georgia Straight

Village Voice - jim ridley
mr. ridley does not like this movie, on metacritic his review gives LMS its lowest rating. From the bitterness of the article he seems to be very jelous of all the attention this movie has been getting . He seems to only like the weird Beauty Pagent scene at the end. Oh and he uses the word "platitudinous" to make us common folk who enjoyed the movie, feel lower than him and his PBR drinking friends. Overall he's just too cool for this movie and wishes he prehaps played kickball instead of watching this flick, nevertheless a fun read and his resentment towards this film will make you feel better about yourself. I think there was too much family happiness in LMS for mr.ridley, he needs a hug.
9 out 10

Washington Post - jennifer frey
Simple, easy to read, positive review. Like mr. ridley, ms. frey recognizes the sitcom style humor in the movie, but sums up the general feeling of the film But mostly it's just funny. Really, really funny. And absolutely worth 800 miles of riding along in a VW bus.
8 out of 10

Chrisitan Science Monitor - peter rainer
I am by no means a hardcore christian, but kudos (actually 2 Kudos, heh heh myspace reference) goes out to mr. rainer for understanding the whole point of LMS, which is despite their dysfunction this family will doing anything for each other, "...the directors proceed to tutor us in the virtue of family togetherness. You see, deep down these battlers really love each other. Blood is thicker than shtick." Simple and to the heart, but point taken off for cutting up National Lampoon type humour
7 out of 10

Georgia Straight (Vancouver) - ken eisner
Okay the Tolstoy reference at the beginning of the review is a bit much, (we all know youre smart, working for Vancouver's version of NOW Magazine) nevertheless this is a good overall review that does not go too much into the content of the LMS.
7 out of 10

Me personally I loved Little Miss Sunshine and as did the crowd in Seattle that I watched this with. It was simple, yet slick and deep down you end of loving this family. I'm gonna go call my Dad now.

oh p.s. I figure since I'll be attending several UW games, that I should get to know the team, so here comes a UW Huskies Dynasty. Don't worry Chris, I will feel guilty everytime U of A is on the schedule

p.p.s yes not capitalizing the reviewer's names is intentional, because they are lower than us viewers


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