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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

re: When is it acceptable?

First read this article.

So after a three day layoff I decided to finally make time for a game, despite coming home late from unforseen circumstances at work. It was #23 5-2 Alabama coming off an upset over #9 Notre Dame vs. a mediocre 3-3 Ole Miss team. Okay so in response to the article above.

1. when your first four passes to open WRs are dropped
2. when two fumbles (not the band) occur at the goaline before the half
3. when a 4th down conversion occurs from Ole Miss twenty in the dying seconds, where the QB got hit, ball was fluttering in the air about 30 yards, then a 78 OVR WR cut through double coverage from my 85+ OVER DBs and runs it in for a TD.
4. when in response to point #3, I throw two passes into to an open "Impact" WR in the end zone and he drops the first one and fumbles the second.

The game was in Tuscaloosa, the momentum meter was in my favor, my sliders for WR catch was set at 75 yet for some reason the A.I. did not want me to win this game. Hence the reset button. Not wanting to replay this game and itching to play rival Tennessee, I simmed the game and would accept the loss if the sim engine determined so. And fair enough Bama won 49-14. The only thing that upsets me about this is the fact that my profile record now no longer matches my dynasty record. Man life can be so hard! J.P. Wilson threw for 3TDs and Ben Arnold got his first TD of the year. Also since its week 8, he now has the same OVR rating as Top H.S. WR Joel Thompson, as Arnold was bumped from 78 to 80. Thompson and Arnold are sick yo!

-in the meantime enjoy this video of my kids.
-here is a funny preseason 25
- oh and lonelygirl15 added me on myspace


  • Seriously someone over at MTV needs to realise that airing Lonelygirl15 clips would garner as much, if not more, ratings than any of those silly LC or Kristen shows.

    In other news, I got suspended 2 games in a row due to my GPA dropping to a miserable 1.5. Stupid NCAA rules. During that time, Peterson put up a good fight, but we still lost against the Longhorns. Needless to say my popularity around campus is about 0% because of our first rival game/first loss of the season. My chances for getting a date with the hot girl in Lit class are also near 0%...

    I hear you about the fumbles though. My first honest-to-God loss came against Mizzou is a almost near perfect recreation of your game. It's like the Gods of EA are punishing me for leaving their pious organization.

    Keep it real,
    OU QB #18 (Jeff)

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 29/8/06 1:02 PM  

  • Myles, we need to officially declare that the reset + sim + accept the result as an official rule of NCAA. I think it's totally fair and the only way to counter EA ridiculousness...

    as far as lonely girl 15 goes...why don't we just start up a new network called "Statuatory" or the "S", and all it shows is:
    1) old episodes of Full House
    2) The Professional
    3) Gymnastics
    4) Women's Tennis
    5) High School girls volleyball
    6) Lizzy Maguire
    7) Myspace videos of girls 17 and under...

    sound good?

    By Blogger Christian, at 29/8/06 2:19 PM  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30/8/06 3:11 AM  

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