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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's All Hate Toronto; McCoy for Heisman

Finally the truth comes out. The lead story in Vancouver's 24 Magazine is on how Vancouverites are cold and there is even a lovely poll. Very true. Its not on the website but in the feeback section a reader replied saying that initially they seem friendly but deep down they are cold, whereas the reader experienced the opposite in Toronto and New York, where people seemed snobby at first but deep down they were good hearted. I don't know maybe its the good weather, the drivers, the education system, the infatuation with boarding culture (yes skateboards and snowboards breed arrogance, proven fact), or the fact that there are no black or jewish people in this city to keep locals in check, but I think we can all agree that what makes Vancouver great are the people that aren't from here and there sure are enough of us here. Staying along the same lines I can't believe I missed out on Toronto Appretiation Day at Robson Square. This was all organized by Rob Spence who is doing a documentary entitled "Let's All Hate Toronto"

Dynasty News

- Bama is sitting at 3-0 with victories in two close games beating #12 Arizona St 35-28 and Kentucky 31-23. With already 6 TDs in the season JR WR Mike McCoy is in the running for the Heisman. Tough road ahead with ranked Arkansas, Georgia and Notre Dame. But first a match against Oklahoma St with Texas High school legend Bobby Reid at QB.

Lastly I'd like to apologize to one of my readers (a Vancouver native who is alright) for failing to mention the Barfield incident yesterday. Keeping in with the theme of cool Vancouver people, a bartender at Toby's on Commercial and 12th by the name of Darcy looks like Autumn Reeser from the OC. She asked me for id then rubbed my head and blushed when she realized I was old enough to be her father. Can't wait for the new season. And Hills finale on MTV Canada tonite!!!!!

And here's your hump day video, this always puts me into a good mood (that and John Parker Wilson Touchdowns!!!!!)


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