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Monday, August 21, 2006

KFed & Iron Bowl Victory

#21 Bama vs. Auburn - Auburn
Namath is 2 for 2 in the Iron Bowl. Though Auburn's trio of Freshman played well (QB Caudle, RB Tate, WR Hawthorne) they were no match for the experienced Tide in this defensive battle. J.P. Wilson finally had a game without an INT going 11-19 for 159 yards and 1 TD. MVP Honors go to SR MLB and captain, Matt Collins who had several defensive stops and a key INT.
Bama 22, Auburn 7

LSU went on to win the SEC title by beating Georgia 41 to 20. National title in New Orleans puts undefated Penn St up against undefeated and defending champ Arizona St. Next up for Bama: the Outback Bowl vs. Michigan. Which brings back fond memories post 2000 fungus hangover in a Montreal apartment, taking drinks whenever the Fed Ex ad appeared. (warning inside joke) "This guy is garbage" Yes Tom Brady and Shaun Alexander were all in that game. It was also the same season in which Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer takes place.

In other news

- defamer has posted a youtube video of a Kfed performance, (this one's for you landers, rock on christian soldier)
- just like the video game, it appears Leinart's heirs have no problem with accuracy in USC's Sunday night scrimmage
- this is a good list, on Alabama's top 5 personalities
- Oh and here is Alabama's most important student organization


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