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Friday, August 25, 2006

Al Strachan = Moron; Fridays = Drunk Freshman; Bama = 5-2

Drink on Freshman girls! Drink on! Tonight marks the first Friday at college for many Americans and we all know that means a lot of trouble. Cheers to your first Friday girls. Okay to business, despite my "busy" schedule, I found time to play two games last night and one this morning. They were all close games, here's quick recaps.

#21 Bama at #17 Arkansas
The Hogs have always been a tough matchup, but I have a sweet DL and they have a QB named Dick. This game was back forth until the 4th Q when my DE Rawls made two key sacks in Arkansas's first loss of the year
Bama 33, Arkansas 24

Bama #17 at Georgia
Matthew Stafford was injured (he destroyed me last year) and I jumped out to a 24-7 lead at the half. Then I got lazy and next thing I realize the game is tied at 24. J.P. Wilson was useless in the 4th quarter, finishing the game with 5 INTs!!!. He did however break Croyle's school record for career TDs this game. Nevertheless UGA stepped it up and handed Namath's boys their second loss of the year.
UGA 31, Bama 27

#9 Notre Dame at Bama (unranked)
After two tough road games, it was nice to be home. It was Catholics vs. Confederates for the second year in a row, but this time the South would prevail. Mooching karma points from Lander's Bowl victory over UND in his Dynasty. J.P. Wilson erased his 5 INTs from the UGA game throwing 301 yards for 3 TDs. All TD passes went to WR McCoy who finished the game with 9 receptions for 186 yards. Take that Pope Benedict and your Da Vizzzyy Code
Bama 41, The Vatican 24 (Bama's back in the TOP 25 at #23)

Now for those of us who watch Hockey Night in Canada, we all know from watching Hotstove that Al Strahan is not really the brightest person in the world. While I find his stupidity amusing at times, one must wonder why he still has a job. Tis a pity that no one has uploaded former Canucks GM Brian Burke's rant on Strahan on youtube yet. In an article this morning in the Toronto Sun Al Strachan now puts his hockey expertise on what Maple Leaf sports should do with the Toronto Raptors. He claims that the Leafs should get rid of the Raptors as it will save money to better the team and lower ticket prices. Uhhhh there's a salary cap in the NHL I believe and yup the Leafs lowering ticket prices, yup that'll happen. C'mon we sold out the house when Alan Bester was net. Thankfully Steve Buffery knocks some sense into Strachan and adds in a rebuttal

Go Leafs, Go Raptors and yes I do hate my favorite LA couple for being able to watch Two a Days before me. Enjoy the weekend folks, I won't, due to company policy I'll be working :)


  • So much content:

    1. Beating Notre Dame - Awesome, that's a sick game...301 yards on my sliders can be tough...well, 301 and winning...I've thrown for like 366 and been throw for 301 and win is amazing....

    Sorry about the losses, my expectations are SKY high for Arizona this year, #13 preseason...that's pretty high for the cats...

    Al Strachan, he may not be smart, but damn is he good looking. I met him at a Habs game when I was in the Press Box during my McGill days, his body is slowly trying to eat his head...

    Anywas - Leafs sell Raptors - Leafs tickets go down?

    It's too bad Strachan doesn't work in the oil industry - let's see inexhaustible demand + no competition...yes, I see how this leads to lower ticket prices...Leaf fans would pay $10 to watch a game at a sports bar...

    Go Raptors, Go Leafs, Go Jays, Go Toronto FC (what?)...

    By Blogger Christian, at 25/8/06 1:12 PM  

  • myles, youre an indiot and sexist



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26/8/06 4:45 PM  

  • Lets see some updates Myles

    By Blogger Christian, at 26/8/06 8:45 PM  

  • you are also not sexist, but you might be an that an Indian Idiot? You are neither Indian (I think, although those dudes we met when we got back from Michigan who stole my towel on your front steps might have thought you were) nor an idiot...

    big ups - Beerfest = AWESOME

    By Blogger Christian, at 26/8/06 8:46 PM  

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