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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Rocks, Tide Back in SEC West Race

Okay I've gotten over the Matthew Stafford assault on Bama and have come back with three straight wins. Sitting at 7-2 (4-1) , Namath's boys are now chasing LSU 8-1 (5-0) for the SEC west title . Their only loss was to The Ohio State University.

Quick recap

#25 Bama vs. #14 Tennessee - Tuscaloosa, AL

After throwing two INT's on my first two drives, I focused on the run and dominated from there (using Arizona's playbook) Coffee finished with 124 yards and 2 TDs, while Upchurch rushed for 109 yards and 1 TD in a 37-14 upset over Tennessee. 5 star WR Joel Thompson from Florida was so impressed that he signed with the Tide

#21 Bama vs. Miss St. - Starkville, MS

Big news starting FR DE Quentin Rawls of London, Ontario was caught cheating on an exam. I only suspended him 2 games rather than the 4 that was recomended because he's Canadian and was probably just bored with American education standards rather than just being plain dumb. Besides he came to the USA to party with chicks and also for a shot at the NFL

Had a hard time covering their WR Burks, who finished with 169 yards and 2 TDs. However my focus on the run, mostly to the left side (star T Andre Smith is on that side) sparked the Tide's offence. Coffee finished with 202 yards and 2 TDs while Upchurch had 94 yards 2 TDs and he added in a REC TD. Bama 48, Miss St. 31

next up: Vandy, then a big game at Tuscaloosa against LSU

Finally despite a key loss to USC, U of A (Zona that is) legend Chrisitian was kind enough to send me this video of Kelly Clarkson rocking out with her buddy JD

So I'm off to do the Grosse Grind and then Boise st. (Cubs farm team) vs. Van Canadians 2 nite !!!!!!


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