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Friday, August 18, 2006

4 Prime Reasons why Jews are Great

1. Jason and Randy Sklar.

These brothers (blood, not black) have been hosting The Jim Rome Show (9-11 AM on the Team 1040) the last couple of days; haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I'm hooked. They regularly have a show called ESPN Cheap Seats. Also here's their official site

2. Kevin Youkilis and Gabe Kapler

I hate the Red Sox (Jays rule), but hey I can't argue with Dennis Leary praise of the Jewish Peoples. Take that Mel. (watch the vid quick before its taken off)

3. Brent Schaeffer QB, Ole Miss

Greatest Black Jew since Sammy Davis Jr. (well at least in the Video Gameworld) Yes I've returned to my SEC Bama Dynasty. And once again the key to my 34-24 victory at Ole Miss was to triple spy Schaeffer all game. This guy was sick. Schaeffer had 2 Pass TDs and one rush TD. But once again my WR McCoy had a clutch TD in the 4th quarter. Bama is back in the Top 25 (5-2) in Year 2 and I have rival Tennessee up next at home, who beat me last year.

Last but not least

4. Natalie Portman (more than 10 years of obsession and still going)


  • Counter points to your argument:
    1. Shawn Green
    2. North Toronto

    Things to support your argument:
    1. Montreal Bagels
    2. William Shatner
    3. Comedy
    4. Sarah Silverman

    By Blogger Christian, at 18/8/06 3:53 PM  

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