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Thursday, October 12, 2006

84 bus = greatest bus in the world

So as most of you know I've made the move to Kitsilano over the last week. Yes I've heard the catcalls of selling out, and jokes about yoga, yuppies, and walks on the beach with my dog ( FYI I don't have a dog). While I do miss all that eastvan had to offer, cheap food, hipster hotties on one gear bikes, thrift store look overload, etc., I find myself coming to work every morning with a little less stress and a bigger smile. As much as I would like to say its because I'm getting laid on a regular basis or getting paid more (hahahaha), its not. In fact I owe my behavior change to the 84 bus.

Anyone who uses the bus system in Vancouver knows that it is a disaster, they come once every 30 minutes, they're packed during rush hour, it smells, the drivers are always angry, and it is honestly slower to get from point A to point B than riding a bicycle. None of these characteristics exists with the 84 bus. The bus is always empty during rush hour, the drivers are friendly, all the riders are aesthetically pleasing, no one begging for change, its clean, it doesn't smell, everyone smiles at you and for some reason it takes me the same amount of time to get from the heart of Kits to Broadway and commercial, as it did to get there from Main and Broadway. For comparison purposes, it takes about 30 minutes to bike from Kits to Commercial, while going there from Main to Commercial takes about 5. In fact its so good that I often turn down rides in favor of riding the 84 bus.

Anyways the #84 has always had somewhat of significant impact on my life. Randy Moss in his Viking days wore 84, Lebron James was born in 84, there was a funny book called 1984 and 84 is also the number of my superstar sophomore WR Brandon Luke of Ravenna, Ohio. He was the #1 overall player coming out of high school in my Dynasty and he has lived up to the hype. Luke already has a 92 overall rating (he did not red-shirt) and he has filled in nicely while #1 WR JR Joel Thompson, has been injured. Below are all his stats since I've made the move to Heisman:

*was 1-1 prior to SCAR game

at South Carolina L 14-34, 7 REC 113 YARDS
at Arkansas #12 W 28-14, 4 REC 51 YARDS (two were key 4th down conversions)
Florida W 43-23, 4 REC 77 YARDS

thankfully Joel Thompson did come back for the non-conference game against 4-1 UTEP, where coming back from an injury he caught 11 receptions for a Bama record of 237 yards with 3TDs in a close 23-20 victory.

Team Euro, errrr I mean the Raptors are sweet.


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