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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

why i don't mind the confederate flag

First off I am neither white, black, asian, jewish (contrary to popular belief), hindu, muslim or latino (well uhh maybe there's a little bit in me, but not by choice), therefore I am the utmost authority in all things regarding racial sensitivity. With that being said, one can not play a Dynasty in the SEC and not be aware of the controversy surrounding the confederate flag. Using Bama and playing in the SEC West I play politically correct Ole Miss once a year and that always brings fond memories of their now banned mascot Colonel Reb (my take on the Ole Miss Mascot). However the issue of the confederate flag is an entirely different entity from our ole pal the Colonel. Over the weekend the UAW-Ford 500 took place at the Talladega Speedway in Alabama and though officially condemned by NASCAR, the confederate flag was flying in full effect. While I'm no advocate (c'mon naw, college football best illustrates southern pride with Bama people hating Tennessee people and Oxford people hating Starkville people) of the Stars and Bars I see nothing wrong with this display of so called Southern pride. First off, it allows me to easily identify the people I won't be hanging out with during an SEC tailgate. I admire the honesty, the anti-abolitionist are hard to spot out during a U-dub tailgate. Second public displays of racism at sporting events can be very comical, just look at this effort on behalf of Croatian fans at a soccer match against Italy.

Lastly, until the nation's capital (Washington, not Ottawa) decides to change the nickname of its football team then let dem NASCAR fans wave dem Stars and Bars. American freedom babe (one thing though, wave those flags at football games too, be consistent people). As for my Dynasty, I got Ole Miss on the schedule. I've made the move to Heisman and currently sit at 4-2, I can only play Heisman with a shotgun offence (using Texas TEch or Utah playbook) the CPU D is very fast. I love Bama, but I really wanna start a Dynasty with Texas as Colt McCoy for some reason is becoming one of my favorite real life players.



  • I can't believe what Ennis did at that soccer game. Aaron will be pissed.

    I like your point that the confederate flag helps identify. Can we find an anti-women's suffrage flag to help find cool people?

    By Blogger Christian, at 11/10/06 3:50 PM  

  • or a flag for sluts. Although thigh high boots and cigarettes can be good enough...this would just make things easier

    By Blogger Christian, at 11/10/06 3:52 PM  

  • drunkerity drunk drunk, ya

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/10/06 1:00 AM  

  • i saw some anti abortion protesters in chilliwack on the weekend. we booed at them and I explained that they need to think of rape as surprise sex.

    By Anonymous jeff, at 12/10/06 8:00 AM  

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