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Friday, November 17, 2006

2011 Iron Bowl, Bama 9, Auburn 6... seriously!

Bottled water is in short supply in Vancouver and so were touchdowns in the 2011 Iron Bowl. no jokes! I play 6 minute quarters to, my offense is sick, and I played a 9-6 game, perhaps the most intense game ever. Factor this in with the fact that my drinking water is contaminated. Both defenses were on point. Their CBs were all over my star WR like Van city people on bottled water. Chad Arnold was 6-18 for 48 yards. Reese was impressive with 174 yards of rusing as he broke the Bama single season rush yard record, but he could not get into the endzone. Thankfully K Jason Hall hit all his FGs

Things got better as UCLA beat Arizona St, bumping Bama up to #1 in the BCS, even though I'm ranked #2 in both polls. This all thanks the UCLA QB and Midland, Texas native Frank Parker, who actually signed with ASU, but transferred. Oklahoma is #2 in the BCS and we both have to play in our conference title game. Georgia going down, but I hope this doesn't upse t my nephew who seems to be a Bulldogs fan.He probably likes their mascot UGA, he's cool


  • holy crap! That Georgia Game is huge...HUGE...I wish you could stream it to me....I need to see it...

    That Iron Bowl is ridiculous, the Pac Ten would implode if it ever played a 9-6 game...

    Amazing, you're on the verge of special things with this 'Bama team...

    By Blogger Christian, at 17/11/06 10:45 AM  

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