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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ohio homecoming

i apologize for not having the ability to make video recordings of my games. I studied Ohio St like crazy and decided that all game I would attack their DEs, the only weak links in their D. My D of course has no weak links, check out this rad defensive depth chart. Anyways i'll just let the pictures do the talking

this would be a common site all game, yes that is an Impact LB that Reese is throwing down. Reese would run the ball 32 times for 174 yards and 1 TD

yes i did run the ball 44 times and only threw 11 times, their secondary was sweet, but i had a gameplan and stuck to it. Even QB Chad Arnold ran for 34 yards in a 17-14 Bama victory.



Many expected negative reaction from the Ohio crowd, however Reese's performance left the crowd in awe. There are now high demands for the Cleveland Browns to throw the season so that they may get a high draft pick and bring Reese back to Ohio. The Tide is now 6-0 with a number 6 ranking, they travel to Oxford against a 4-2 Ole Miss team

sad day across the nation, but Bama stayed Crimson. Roll Tide

congrats CR, don't 4get to keep reading this blog jerkstore


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