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Thursday, November 02, 2006

annotated offensive depth chart

ya here it is, feel free to ask any questions, oh ya starting next post i will begin to over analyze every single blog entry from corey kennedy.

Chad Arnold SR, 99 - Sheffield, AL (Team Captain)
Terrence Graves SO, 85 - San Antonio, TX (#2QB)
Travis Spicer JR, 94 - Troy, NJ (#1 JC as FR, only wht QB)
Greg Montgomery SO, 78 - Tuscaloosa, AL (wanted to be close to grandma)
Dwight Simpson FR, 72 - Vestavia Hills, AL (Hoover 'two a days' rival)

Josh Reese SR, 99 - Reading, OH (NC with Ohio State as SO)
Steve Ferguson JR, 95 - Suncook, NH (Democrat, but fan fav)
Chase Hill SO, 82 - Scottsboro, AL (6'1 224)
William Fuller FR. 80 - Valley, AL (#12HB)
* special RS - Dominic Coles JR, 90 - Meraux, LA (Katrina Refugee, #1HB)

Lance Scott SR 95 - Atlantic City, NJ (runs dorm bookmaking service, wht)
Donald Castorani SR 70 - Irmo, SC (JC QB, happy to get degree, wht)

Brandon Luke JR, 95 - Ravenna, OH (2008 HS MVP, also SF on Bball team 6'7 202)
Joel Thompson SR, 94 - Altamonte Springs, FL (has almost every Bama recieving record)
Kenny Thornton JR, 90 - Kitcherner, ON (friends w/Bevin & Jeff)
Lawrence Curry JR, 80 - Jackson, AL (2 Star ATH!!!!)
David Wayne FR, 78 - Greenville, AL (#5WR)
Wes Holey FR, 78 - Fort Payne, AL (#4WR)

Bryan Mitchell SR, 93 - Hamilton, AL (wht)
Eric Goolsby SO, 84 - Richland Hills, TX (Hs is in same DIV as Southlake Carroll)
Trevor Young FR, 80 - Los Angeles, CA (parents wanted him to get away from LA Scenesters, wht)

LT (This is an ongoing 3 way battle, meaning: they all suck)
Peter McCullough rFR, 82 - Sapulpa, OK (#1ATH, wht/half native)
Jordan Johnson SO, 86 - Lovington, NM (#6T, likes tacos)
Keith Davis SO, 84 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - (#5T, Cuyahoga!!!)

Aaron Beck JR, 86 - Enterprise, AL (3 star; #64G!, wht)
Kurt Jones rFR, 82 - Edmond, OK (#3G)
Corey Kennedy hsJR. 16 - Santa Monica, CA ('it')
Nick Buckles rFR, 78 - Hoover, AL (GF is a dimepiece)

Casey Maynard SR, 93 - Tuscaloosa, AL (fan fav, duh, wht)
John Ross SO, 87 - Pinson Clay, AL (#2C, wht)
Brendan Cochran rFR, 80 - Kitcherner, ON (friend of Jeff, not Bevin, wht, loves Rangers)

Emanuel Henry JR, 90 - Glencoe, AL (3 star recruit, 3 year starter)
Riley Bain JR, 80 - Montevallo, AL (2 star; #117G, wht)
DeMario Hickman FR, 78 Tarrant, AL (#6G)

Wayne Hunter SR, 88 (3 star, T#67!!!!)
Wallace Holmes rFR, 76 - Leeds, AL (#11T)


  • Travis Spicer - 94
    ON THE BENCH? Holy crap.

    I hope he's starting next year. I mean, he's white. I also hope he gets snaps in mop up duties.

    I don't think Dwight Simpson should even be on this team. He needs to transfer to Alabama State.

    HB - Josh Reese is thug city, awesome. Poor Ferguson.
    Wow, Dominic Coles will be a superstar, gotta remember that name.

    FB - I hate Donald Castorini, he should have stayed in JC.

    WR - I always thought Joel THompson was most talented because he got the most press, but this Brandon Luke guy is pretty big time.

    I'm really hoping Kenny Thornton develops - you are turning the Golden Horseshoe into a Pipeline.

    TE - Eric Goolsby will be a mega star, and you know Trevor Young is my man.

    OL - Not impressed. you need a better OL with those run Kitchener.

    Casey Maynard will probably win that Center of the year award.

    MAN! Henry went 3 star to 90? 'Nuff respect.

    cannot wait for Defense.

    Many more comments to come.

    By Blogger Christian, at 2/11/06 8:19 PM  

  • man I like Donald Castorani, the team always tries to give him a TD in junk time

    he's like rudy

    ya I haven;'t normally used my TEs but with Goolsby and Young next year I will

    Coles is sick, but too much depth, and he is still devasted from Katrina.

    I know my OL sucks, I hate all my LTs, they rotate

    By Blogger broadway mylosh, at 2/11/06 11:29 PM  

  • I agree, the LT position looks most problematic.

    you also have a major problem is that your best player is probably McCullough, who is a FR, but there are 2 SO's ahead of him, which will make it tough to recruit an LT because they know they won't play for years. You might want to focus on McCullough, change the other guys to different positions and get a Senior to back him up...

    Poor Dominic Coles, which courses is he taking? does he plan to go to law school? work for FEMA? Could you post the tale of his Katrina odyssey? Thanks.

    By Blogger Christian, at 3/11/06 9:36 AM  

  • Sad commentary on the O line when all you can say about your #3 LT is that he likes tacos. Sorry to say, but 'Bama football needs to put in work. Don't get used to these comments; they are a rare treat, like homemade waffles.

    By Anonymous Mike B., at 3/11/06 2:54 PM  

  • Offense is overrated -- everyone knows defense wins championships

    By Anonymous brett, at 4/11/06 1:09 AM  

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