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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

abdullah heisman, cory at ps3 party & more!

first and foremost Justin Abdullah, a native of my favorite suburb Shaker Heights has just won the Hesiman over at Riverdale Palmtrees. Congrats and I'm pretty sure all my Ohio players on my Bama team are blasting out gunshots in the air for this Ohio native.

Also we haven't talked about Cory in awhile and it looks like she had an exciting week. Everything from the BPM Magazine shoot to a PS3 party in Beverly Hills,

after that was the play station 3 party in beverly hills at the old robinsons may....everyone under the hot sun was there.

p diddy performed. her had some major blingage.
the idea of the party was really awesome... they had it layed out like a department store with different departments and everything and they actually had full stocked shevles that everyone was free to have. i got a babydoll and some rubber frogs and duckies.... but the people who came earlier got like shoes and clothes and doll houses. i wanted a doll house. chris weeks was there!!

Hmmm blingage, Dollhouse and Chris Weeks, wow! If you read more, apparently she attended Lindsay Lohans's bday on Saturday, to which Champaign Bubble Girl responded in the comments at 5:46:

Um Lindsay Lohan's birthday is in july...

and then Cory fires back 10 minutes later at 5:56:

oh excuse es moi, then some stupid party of hers....

Notice how Cory uses 4 dots at the end of her statement, while CBG only used 3. Cory wins, Bubble girl sucks!

photo stolen from Cory's site

Anyways between a $5 movie and the return of TS to Van, I was able to sneak in a game (inside info: apparently more people read this than I thought, jerks! Post Comments. I'm a comment whore). So I pounded the shit out of Miss St 41-0. Reese ran for 209 yards and 2 TDs. Bama is now 10-0 and is 3rd in the BCS, with only Oklahoma and Arizona St ahead of them. Thanks in part to a 1 loss Ohio St team who beat an undefeated Penn St.

Very nervous about my next match with #17 LSU. Even though they are coming off a loss to Tennessee. They are 7-2 and I will be very happy that this will be the last time I face their QB Mike Snyder of San Angelo, TX. As FR and SO he gave me problems but Bama still won, however last year he tore through my veteran secondary. Anyways I regret not trying to recruit him but I already had Chad Arnold.

In other news I had a great sleep on the 84 bus on the way to work this morning and was woken up by a smokin blonde in Yoga pants and a Scuba Lulu hoodie when I reached the station. Van people are so nice, this is going to be a good week.

p.s. if you haven't filled out your Texas H.S. Football 5A bracket yet, do it now. Use new link, old one doesn't work anymore.




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