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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SEC invades ohio

I don't know too much about this guy in the picture, but for some odd reason this individual, who was born in Ohio, is wearing a Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt. Has the South taken over the great state of Ohio? Who knows! One thing is certain however, is that this guy probably has a really cool uncle.

Anyways later tonight a critical senate battle will take place in the state of Ohio between republcian Mike DeWitt and Democrat Sherrod Brown. But of greater importance and of higher national concern will be a matchup taking place in the bedroom of a 2nd floor apartment in Kitsilano, BC. Yes my friends 4-0 #10 ranked Alabama takes their show on the road in Columbus against 4-0 Ohio St, who is ranked #7. This also marks the return of former Buckeye Josh Reese to the state of Ohio. Reese won a national title with Ohio St in his SO year, however he was kicked out and has since transferred to Alabama. In his first four games, Reese rushed for 532 yards and 8 TDs. He has not lost a game in his college career. He'll have to put his show against a tough Buckeye team which features its own star RB in Heisman favorite Tony McCauley who has 678 yards for 8 TDs in four games. However the Buckeye's strength lies within the Defense where a majority of the starters have ratings over 90.

The game also marks the return of several Ohio high school standouts who have since not set foot in their homestate because they did not sign with OSU. WR Brandon Luke who was the 2008 high school player of the year won a 1A state title with Ravenna as a FR and then transferred to St. Mary/St Vincent H.S. in Akron to play both basketball and football. He led the basketball and football teams to three straight state titles and was deemed an Ohio legend, until for some odd reason he turned down Ohio St and signed with Alabama. Luke who played AAU basketball with Josh Reese was going through the recruiting process around the same time that Josh Reese got into his highly publicized fight with Greg Oden. But the truth is that since a kid Luke has been a big fan of elephants and he was sold on Bama because of their Mascot. Also returning to Ohio will be MLB Gavin Lee of Bowling Green and LT Keith Davis of Cuyahoga Falls. All of Bama's Ohio players are dedicating their game to University of Arizona legend Justin Abdullah of Shaker Heights, who was also exiled from his homestate for not signing with Ohio St

For more on Bama's team take a gander at this sweet depth chart that Riverdale Palmtrees made for me, cheers!


  • That kid is going to grow up very confused, especially when the Citrus Bowl comes up, or I guess it's Capital One or something....

    I really wish I could get screen shots or at least more detail about the Ohio State-Alabama game, this might be the most important game in recent years...

    By Blogger Christian, at 8/11/06 7:42 AM  

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