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Sunday, November 19, 2006

2011 SEC title game update

Out of respect to the Alabama Football program who for the 5th straight year lost the Iron Bowl to Auburn, I could not talk of my 2011 SEC title game. But i think 24 hours has passed and I'm sure Big Al won't mind

Okay first let me state that in my Dynasty the SEC Championships is more important than the National Title, for two main reason

1. I hate the BCS (in real life and in video game life). I was screwed out of the National Title in 2009 and in 2011 it is unfortunate that I won't get to put my team up against undefeated West Virginia or Virginia Tech. As for real life, well either go back to the old system with set Bowl games or go to a playoff. All this talk about who is #2 is silly. Yesterday's Michigan / Ohio St. game lived up to the hype and frankly so would a playoff. And Ohio St. has about a month and half until their next game, hahahahha you are telling me that you can't fit a couple games in between that time.

2. I only really follow the SEC.I am a video game nerd but and I keep track of all the incoming recruits, but only in the SEC. As for looking at scores during the season and comparing stats, I only look at SEC teams. So by the time I faced UGA in the title game I was alreadyt familiar with half their squad and knew how their season went. Adds more drama.

Anyways time for game details in point form

- First off TS watched the entire game, so there was a lot of heckling and a lot pressure
- 1st half was UGA domination. My WRs were dropping passes and my OL stunk. I could not stop their dual threat QB JR Edwin Durfee (I tried to recruit him) UGA was up 14-3 at the half
- I took out LT Paul McCullough and put in New Mexico native Jordan Johnson
- In the 2nd half I needed to do something different so I put in SO QB and scrambling specialist Terrence Graves. And I did noting but run QB draws and spread option runs. I only threw the ball once with him. But he had put momentum in Bama's favor. Back-up HB Steve Ferguson ran in for a TD. UGA's D finally decided to double spy him so I went back to Chad Arnold in the 4th with Bama down 14-10
- On a 3rd and long, JR Brandon Luke caught a TD pass running through 3 defenders, Bama 17, UGA 14
- With 3 minutes to go and on a 4th and long, I played a deep zone, but didn't spy Durfee. He ran in to the 5 yard line. He threw and easy pass to his TE on the next play. UGA 21, Bama 17
- Momentum was in UGA's favor but coach Namath used a short pass game combined with runs up the middle by Reese. After 14 play I found myself at a long 3rd and goal with a minute left
- Pass game was crappy all game put I used a strong formation and called the slants middle play, Joel Thompson blew by his 90+ defender and Arnold hit him for the GWTD
- Durfee began a decent drive, but with only 1 sack the entire season, SR Bernard Quinn had back to back sacks, ending the game and sending BAMA to New Orleans for the national title game against Oklahoma

Notable Stats
MVP Bernard Quinn - 2 sacks and pressured Durfee all day
UGA QB Durfee 238 yards 2TDs, 88 rush yards
Chad Arnold 11-23-147-2-2
Graves 67 yards rushing, 1 pass for 13 yards, changed momentum in Bama's favor
Reese 132 yars
Luke 6-96-1
Joel Thompson 4-50-1

- So that is the highlight of my year regardless of the results in New Orleans, although Oklahoma will be tough as their strength lies in their OL (all are 95+) Otherwise this is a team filled with many underclassmen. WVU playes Virginia Tech, they are both undefeated and it is unfortunate that they will not play the winner of Bama/OU, regardless 2011 SEC champs sounds nice



  • Myles,

    This is a huge victory, a shot at the National Title...come on Tide, this is huge...

    I got a Wii, it's pretty sweet...

    BC Lions won the Grey Cup, boooooo....

    By Anonymous Christian, at 19/11/06 9:32 PM  

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