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Friday, November 17, 2006

michigan football

so there's a big game this weekend, but on a related sad note, Legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler has passed away today. Spending most of my childhood summers in Michigan with my cousins, I learned first hand the importance of Bo in the state of Michigan. The black lab that I loved a lot, was named BO, in honor of the coach. The state of Michigan has its cars, Red Wings, and even an entire Sufjan Stevens album, but its the football program in Ann Arbor that defines it. My cousin now lives in Ohio and is married to an Ohio St fan, but he'll still stay loyal to Michigan. My other cousin in Idaho also sports her michigan gear and forces it on her kids. SO RIP BO. Don't get mad at me Chris and Jess, but I'll be rooting for Michigan tomorrow. Well you can get mad at me, but I have to side with family on this one. Although honestly I'll be watching the Iron Bowl and prepping for USC / Cal. So I'm praying for a draw. Anyways here are pics of my niece and my other nephew in Idaho. Yes they both have Michigan parents. Go Blue, Go Buckeyes, Go Trojans, Roll Tide.


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